Space4M utilized its core technologies such as a digital content management system through a cloud platform to provide hardware-software integration services for both online/offline and virtual/physical locations to enhance customer experiences for the brand, merchant, and site owner.


YYsports is a comprehensive sports service distribution channel that provides various sporting goods and sports experiences. They want to build a mesmerizing concept store in Hsinchu to infuse a unique identity and engaging atmosphere with the store.


AUO and Space4M created a large video wall with AUO’s displays that can be used to show the promotion, highlight new products, and even broadcast live sporting events as they happen. AUO's LCD and LED displays with diverse form factors can be suitable for nearly all scenarios and spaces, can perfectly fit in any interior design.


Large video wall in the store can create the stunning visual for a larger-than-life viewing experience to attract customers to the store.  Store operators can choose the multimedia they want to use, and AUO’s content management system handles the rest.



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