Business Scope for Main Department

Technology Group

The R&D of advanced display technologies, design, and development of new products.

Manufacturing Group

The planning and management of display manufacturing process, raw materials and finished products.

Display Strategy Business Group

The management of TV, information, mobile devices, automotive and other display business departments, including product planning, marketing, businesses and customer service, and provision of a full range of smart solutions.

Energy Business

The provision of high-efficiency solar modules, all-round solar power plant service, and highly integrated service platform concerning energy management & service.

Globalization Development Office

The management of the regional market development, customer development and technical services of and for the display business of overseas companies.

Supply Chain Management

The management of procurement, export and import affairs.

ESH & Risk Management

Planning for environmental safety, health and operating risk management.

Sustainability Development

Establish a strategic corporate sustainable development plan that is in line with international trends. With net-zero carbon emissions as our core goal, we will develop proactive mitigation and adaptation actions to meet stakeholders' expectations for corporate governance, environmental protection and social care.

Strategic Investment, Merger & Acquisition

The management of business strategy for transformation value and investment distribution.

Operational Support Units

Finance, Legal, Human Resource, Digital Technology, Quality Management, Corporate Strategic Planning, etc.

Chief Consultant of Antitrust Compliance

To ensure compliance with domestic and international antitrust laws by the Company; assess, mitigate and provide strategic advices on a variety of antitrust related risk.

Auditing management

The management and supervision of internal audit and operating procedures.

Paul SL Peng

Shuang-Lang (Paul) Peng

Chairman and Group Chief Strategy Officer

Mr. Shuang-Lang (Paul) Peng served as the Chairman of AUO from 2015 onwards. With high standards of corporate governance and visionary strategic leadership, he spearheads the value transformation of the Company, expanding its innovations into exploration for future possibilities across a diverse range in the vertical market, which thrives in multiple fields such as display, system solutions, industrial intelligence, healthcare, and energy. He emphasizes the importance of sustainable operating values and drives the Company to advance as a member of the global renewable energy initiative RE100, deeply cultivating ESG-related fields to implement corporate sustainability and social responsibility.


In March 2023, Peng assumed the new position of Group Chief Strategy Officer (Group CSO) to lead the AUO Group toward forging deeper connections with its eco-system partners, progressively expanding its business across the diverse vertical markets to construct an industrial eco-system envisage achieving co-prosperity and maximizing the Company’s group synergy.


With over three decades of experience in the technology industry, Peng's expertise and knowledge have made him an authoritative figure in the display industry. He has served in several executive positions at AUO. As former General Manager of the Suzhou site, he established AUO's first overseas production site. He then expanded various display product business groups into new markets worldwide, paving the way for AUO's market niche and substantial clientele. In 2012, he was promoted to President, leading the management team to expedite the organizational transformation of the AUO group and foster a sound corporate structure. In 2015, he assumed the position of Chairman to bolster the company's global influence in the industry.


Education, Experience and Concurrent Post

  • Peng holds an MBA from Heriot-Watt University in the U.K. and an honorary degree of Doctor of Business Administration from National Taipei University of Technology.
  • His pursuit of value transformation in integrating display technologies and innovative application solutions, guiding AUO to connect and grow diversified ecosystems is honored with ERSO award by Pan Wen Yuan Foundation.
  • Peng's vision in developing business strategies through sustainable industry value chains and creating the common good has been acknowledged with Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) for the Responsible Business Leadership category and the Global Corporate Sustainability Awards (GCSA) Outstanding Professional from Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy.
  • Devotion to promoting cross-disciplinary integration and resource sharing across the industry chain has resulted in the David Sarnoff Industrial Achievement Award from SID (Society for Information Display).
  • Recipient of the "Outstanding Contribution Award" from the Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA), driving the integration of display industry ecosystem, spearheading diverse application developments, and solidifying Taiwan's global position in the display industry.
  • Peng serves as a member of the Board of National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), responsible for promoting national digital technology applications and innovation development policies.
  • Peng is the incumbent Chairman of the Taipei Computer Association (TCA) and the Founding Honorary Chairman of the Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA).
  • Peng is also a Member of the Taipei Smart City Committee, responsible for merging private industries with public services to accelerate digitization in driving smart developments of the emerging economy.



Dr. Frank Ko

Dr. Frank Ko

Chief Executive Officer and President

Dr. Frank Ko is currently the CEO and President of AUO. He has guided the Company’s business operations with the focus of innovation excellences; during his tenure as President and Chief Operating Officer since 2019, his leadership navigated the team and the Company to overcome obstacles by consolidating internal and external resources, delivering outstanding results under complexity and variability of the macro-environment. In March 2023, Frank was promoted to CEO and President, responsible for overseeing the Company’s overall operation plan and long-term development blueprint, expediting the biaxial transformation, deepening the Company’s industry competitiveness and core capabilities, and continuously deploying the planned layouts of market innovation and future possibilities unwaveringly.


Dr. Ko has an enthusiastic outlook for the display industry and has more than 20 years of experience working in this field. Since joining AUO in the early days of its establishment, he has assumed positions across various areas, such as new technology research and development, manufacturing process and integration, and product marketing and sales; he is a well-rounded management professional. From 2005 to 2010, he headed the T.V. Display Business Group. He diligently cultivated global T.V. brand customers during this period and greatly expanded the Chinese mainland market, establishing AUO's leading position in the worldwide LCD market. After that, he also served as Vice President of the Technology and Strategic Development Office, leading the company's advanced technology and strategic direction. In 2014, he served as Chairman and CEO of E Ink Holdings Inc., creating innovative applications of e-paper in multiple fields, along with ecosystem partners. In 2019, he served as President and Chief Operating Officer of AUO.


Education, Experience and Concurrent Post

  • Ko holds a Ph.D. degree in Photonics from National Chiao Tung University.
  • Ko is also Chairman of AUO Display Plus, an AUO group subsidiary
  • Ko is likewise the incumbent Chairman of the Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA) and the incumbent Chairman of Smart Display Industrial Alliance (SDIA).
  • Ko actively promotes cross-industry and cross-field cooperation in display technology and enhancing Taiwan's global competitiveness. With his astute forward-thinking and keen insight into products and technology, he was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award" of Gold Panel Awards 2019.



Dr. Wei-Lung Liau

Dr. Wei-Lung Liau

Chief Technology Officer

Wei-Lung Liau is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of AUO, spearheading the Technology Group to develop AUO’s strategic roadmap of technology. Under his leadership of cutting-edge display research and development blueprint, the company continues to pioneer in technology research and development among global display industry, advancing smart applications in various vertical markets. In addition, he actively bridges the cooperation between industry and academia, and strives to cultivate the next generation technical talents.


With over two decades of experience in the display industry, Dr. Liau joined AUO in 1998 and has served in several key positions in manufacturing, product research and development, Advanced Display Technology Research Center and Video Solutions Business Group. He assists the company to target and focus on technology advantages and explores the future markets of applications, while creating brand new consumer experience and laying a solid foundation for the company’s long-term technology development. In 2018, he was promoted to Senior Vice President and CTO, continuing to work with ecosystem partners to realize more innovative applications during the process of AUO’s value transformation.


Liau holds a Doctoral degree in Applied Chemistry from National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan.

James Chen

James Chen

Senior Vice President of Display Strategy Business Group

Mr. James C.P. Chen is currently Senior Vice President of AUO’s Display Strategy Business Group. He is responsible for product planning, marketing and business strategies, and customer services for various display business units with a full range of smart solutions. In addition, he oversees the strategic planning of AUO’s global deployment and leads the teams to develop overseas business.


He joined AUO in 1999 and has been appointed in a variety of functions including R&D, product marketing, and manufacturing with well-rounded experiences. From 2005 to 2009, he served in Desktop Display Business Unit, Information Technology Display Business Group, and Solar Business Unit. After then, he was promoted to Vice President of Mobile Solutions Business Unit, and Vice President of Video Solutions Business Unit. In 2020, he was appointed Vice President of Consumer Application Strategy Business.


Chen received his Master’s degree in Control Engineering from National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan.

TY Lin

TY Lin

Vice President of Energy Business

TY Lin is currently Vice President of AUO’s Energy Business. Lin joined AUO in 1998 and had since then worked in various functions including manufacturing and quality management. In 2008, Lin was appointed Deputy Managing Director of AU Optronics (Suzhou) Corp., in charge of the company’s operation and development. In 2009, he was transferred to BenQ Materials Corp., responsible for the polarizer business. From 2010 to 2015, Lin assumed as President of BenQ Materials Corp. In 2015, he returned to AUO to take the position of Senior Associate Vice President of Video Solutions Product Business Unit, and then of Solar Business. In 2018, Lin was promoted to Vice President of Mobile Solutions Business Group, and then Vice President of Business Group. In 2020, he was appointed Vice President of Energy Business.


Lin obtained his Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Chung Yuan Christian University in Taiwan.

Andy Yang

Andy Yang

Vice President of Strategic Investment, Merger & Acquisition

Andy Yang is currently Vice President of Strategic Investment, Merger & Acquisition of AUO, responsible for the Company’s new business operations as well as strategic investments for corporate development and transformation. Yang joined AUO in 2002 and was promoted to Finance Director of AUO subsidiaries in China and Associate Vice President of Finance Center of AUO in Taiwan. Yang had been AUO’s Chief Financial Officer since 2009, and was appointed Chief Strategy Officer in 2015. Since 2018, he has been the Vice President of Strategic Investment & New Business Operations. At present, he is in charge of AUO’s new business operations, simultaneously holding chairmanship of new business subsidiaries such as MegaInsight, Edgetech and AUO Care. Before joining AUO, Yang had worked as Assistant Vice President of Corporate Banking of ABN AMRO Bank Taipei Branch. He possesses rich knowledge in global and cross-strait financial operations as well as strategic and investment planning.


Yang received his BBA degree from Department of Finance of National Taiwan University and MBA degree from George Washington University in the U.S.

Chief Financial Officer & Spokesperson

David B.Y. Chang

Chief Financial Officer & Spokesperson

Mr. David B.Y. Chang is currently AUO’s Chief Financial Officer and spokesperson, overseeing the company’s global financial strategic planning, risk management, and corporate governance.


Chang joined AUO in 1998 and has extensive experience in financial management across Taiwan and Mainland China. In 2009, he transitioned to the group’s company, Lextar Electronics, where he laid the foundational groundwork during the company’s inception. During his tenure, he held key positions, including Vice President of the Management Center and Chief Financial Officer, successfully crafting a vertically integrated value chain model for the LED industry. In 2021, Chang served as the Chief Financial Officer of Ennostar Group, driving the synergies and resource integration of the Lextar and Epistar merger. Starting in 2024, Chang was appointed as Chief Financial Officer of AUO, leveraging his extensive cross-industry experience and in-depth knowledge of the group’s operations to support its value transformation process, ensuring stable operational performance through robust financial health.


Mr. Chang received his MBA degree from the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Mainland China.

CS Hsieh

CS Hsieh

Chief Digital Officer

CS Hsieh is currently Chief Digital Officer of AUO, responsible for the strategic direction of digital technology development. He joined AUO in 1999 and has been involved in the optoelectronics industry for over twenty years in various functions including manufacturing, quality management, and supply chain management. In 2013, Hsieh was promoted to Vice President of Mobile Solution Manufacturing. Since 2016, he was the Vice President of Supply Chain Management, and was appointed Chief Information Officer in 2018. In 2020, he was appointed as Chief Digital Officer of the newly established Digital Technology Development.


Hsieh received his Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan.

Amy Ku

Amy Ku

Chief Sustainability Officer

Amy Ku is currently AUO's Chief Sustainability Officer, responsible for the strategic direction of sustainable corporate policy and stakeholder relations and communication.


She is committed to establishing a sustainable corporate culture and aligning the company's core values with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This commitment also extends to integrating environmental, social, and corporate governance issues into operational decision-making and management processes, thus optimizing corporate influence through environmental sustainability, inclusive growth, and agile innovation.


She also leads the team to actively respond to international climate initiatives, strengthen the company's climate change response policies, and invest in low-carbon innovation with value chains, driving cross-industry partners towards a sustainable zero-carbon vision.

Ku joined AUO in 2004 and was responsible for the company's human resources-related affairs, including enhancing cooperation and engagement among employees in global sites and reinforcing the link between sustainability strategies and corporate culture. She was appointed as V.P. of the Human Resource Center in 2013. In 2018, Ku was appointed as Chief Sustainability Officer of the newly established Sustainability Development, leading the team to initiate a new stage of sustainable corporate transformation and promote and deepen the sustainable development of AUO.


Education, Experience and Concurrent Post

  • Ku won the "Asia's Top Sustainability Superwomen 2020" award for her dedication and outstanding contribution to the sustainable development of AUO. Under her leadership, the company's sustainable performance is acknowledged through various domestic and global recognition and awards.
  • Ku holds a Master's degree in Human Resource Management from National Central University.
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