The growing e-commerce industry has led to ever-increasing needs for logistics and transportation services. Consequently, improving vehicle management and enhancing driving safety in order to increase operational efficiency have become issues of great importance to vehicle manufacturers and fleet and freight companies.


AUO has launched the AIoV cloud platform to assist logistics and transportation companies manage their fleets and drivers through AI tools. The intuitive interface design of its Internet management center and application enables managers and maintenance personnel to track and position vehicle location in real time as well as to have access to vehicle and road traffic incident data. The AIoV cloud platform can also detect the driver’s behavior to prevent fatigued driving and bad driving behavior, thereby improving driving safety.


The AIoV cloud platform integrates hardware, software and cloud management platforms to provide clients with comprehensive and systematic technical support. This means that the clients’ requirements can be satisfied within one stop. Moreover, the data collected by the AIoV cloud platform can also be integrated as visualized information for managers to manage vehicles in real time and perform troubleshooting, carry out preventive measures by predicting possible road traffic incidents, and formulate enhanced strategies.


The AIoV cloud platform provides multiple applications, including eBus/eTruck Application, eMoto Cargo Application, eBike/eScooter Application, and C-V2X Application.

Key Offerings
  • eBus / eTruck Application

  • eMoto Cargo Application

  • eBike / eScooter Application

  • C-V2X Application

Key Offerings