Code of Conduct

The "Ethical Corporate Management Principles" disclosed on our company's website is a policy on ethical business practices approved by the Board of Directors. In addition, the Company has also developed an integrity manual that covers anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, and conflict of interest reporting. All business transactions must comply with applicable laws and adhere to the principles of fairness, justice, and transparency. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any bribery-related activities involving customers, suppliers, government agencies, or any partners


Both board members and all employees are required to sign the "Integrity Declaration," and our suppliers are expected to abide by their commitment to integrity. Additionally, the internal audit regularly assesses risks, formulates audit plans, conducting an audit in accordance with the plan for the implementation of Ethical Corporate Management Principles, and reporting to the board of directors each year. The annual achievements in ethical business practices will be publicly disclosed through the annual report and sustainability report.


Training on Ethical Standards

Integrity training program to strengthen the prevention from seven major unethical behaviors:

  1. Giving or receiving bribes.
  2. Offering illegal political donations.
  3. Giving unjustifiable charitable donations and sponsorship.
  4. Offering or accepting unreasonable gifts, entertainment or other unjustifiable benefits.
  5. Infringing trade secret, trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights and other intellectual property rights.
  6. Engaging in unfair competition.
  7. Directly or indirectly damaging the interests, health and safety of consumers or other.
9 directors and 34,587 employees, all with a completion rate of 100%; the overall employee completion rate is 96%.

Integrity Declaration

Signing rate: 100%

New employee corporate ethics course and the integrity declaration

Signing rate: 100%

Reminder of prohibition from insider trading

132 individuals

Reminder of the integrity commitment of contractors and suppliers who have signed the code of conduct

4,545 companies

Suppliers whose integrity implementation has been audited

61 companies

Conflict of Interest Declaration Procedure

2,426 individuals have completed the declaration


Individuals involved in our company’s various business operations can report any instances that violate integrity and ethics through the following channels:

  • Internal: Direct supervisor, mailbox of CEO
  • External: Reporting System for Violation of Ethical Conduct (
  • Mailbox of Audit Committee


The Company has established the "Procedures for Violation of Ethical Conduct" and “Policy and Procedures for Complaints and Concerns Regarding Accounting, Internal Accounting Controls or Auditing Matters” which include guidelines for filing complaints, designates responsible units for case handling, and outlines the incident management process. The Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing the reported cases. We strictly adhere to data privacy protection and strictly prohibit any retaliatory actions against employees who make reports.


Enterprise Integrity Handbook

Ethical Corporate Management Principles

Guidelines for the Adoption of Codes of Ethical Conduct for Directors and Senior Management

Procedures for Violation of Ethical Conduct

Policy and Procedures for Complaints and Concerns Regarding Accounting, Internal

Accounting Controls or Auditing Matters




The implements of preventing insider trading

The Company has established " Management Procedure for Insider Trading Prevention", and in accordance with the regulations of the Taiwan Stock Exchange, on October 26, 2022, the board of directors revised the “Procedures for Handling Material Inside Information and Insider Trading Prevention”, to prohibit internal personnel from buying or selling securities by using undisclosed information to the public, and as reference for the Company's handling and disclosure of material information, the Company also reviews the Procedures from time to time to comply with present laws and practical management needs. The Procedures can be found on the Company's website.

The Company will enforce promotions pertaining to insider trading preventive management, including regulations of insider trading, the scope of the information that will have a material impact on the price of the securities, the means of its disclosure and related matters, for any new director and senior managers within one month of his/her appointment. On June 1, 2022, the company conducted a 0.5-hour legal compliance promotion (including the prohibition of insider trading) to all new directors.

In 2022, the Company has arranged Integrity Training Course for directors and all employees (including new hires). The result has shown that 9 directors and 27,090 employees are expected to complete the training course on January 31, 2023. As of December 9, 2023, the completion rate of all employees in Taiwan reached 40%, and will continue to be updated. The completion rate of global employees is expected to reach 96%. As to 1,575 new hires, the attendance rate of the course and the signage rate for declaration of integrity have both reached 100%. In addition, the Company has also reminded insiders, relevant managements, and colleagues governed by the provisions of Article 157-1 of the Securities Exchange Act before the quarterly operating results are published to specify implementation of propaganda to prevent insider trading. In 2022, the Company promoted to about 33 insiders, relevant managements, and colleagues every quarter.