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AUO advanced sensing technology for high resolution scanning

improving recognition accuracy and safety


AUO’s sensing technology is based on the company’s TFT array technology, which has led to a variety of products with light sensing applications. Compared to CMOS sensors, TFT sensors can feature larger sizes and can be flexible and bendable.


Technology from traditional TFT-LCD displays is integrated with the photoelectric conversion capabilities found in amorphous silicon (a-Si) to absorb light from different bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, thereby creating a digital grayscale image by having the sensing IC read the photo-leakage current differences in the sensing array. Furthermore, AUO’s sensing technology products are highly customizable, which means they can satisfy a broad range of applications.



Optical high-resolution fingerprint sensor

works best for accurate biometric identification and high-level security




Structure of Optical TFT Fingerprint Sensor


Fingerprints are currently the most commonly used biometric identification system. It is used in consumer electronics, POS, banks, government agencies, law enforcement, national security, customs, and other fields. AUO’s advanced processes support solutions for scanning multiple fingers in customized sizes, which offer flexible settings for different security requirements, and high-resolution scanning and identification—perfect for individuals with smaller fingerprints, such as children. AUO’s scanners can also detect heartbeat through nuanced change of finger pulse to ensure more accurate identity authentication and considerably improved security and anti-counterfeiting level.


AUO develops the ultra-thin LTPS TFT optical fingerprint sensor module integrated under OLED panel with large sensing area, and the three-in-one LCD panel for fingerprint recognition, touch and display, providing customized large-scale multiple fingers sensing functions that can significantly enhance the security of financial transactions.


Advanced NFC sensing technology that effectively prevents counterfeiting is the best tool for mobile payment and smart retail

By applying the unique CIAA (Circuit in Active Area) technology, AUO embeds the sensing component in the back of the panel to transform the screen into an NFC (Near Field Communication) sensor. This product has passed secure payment test, expecting to facilitate the mutual communication between consumer and store system through a single interface. In addition, AUO launches a world-leading NFC tag made with Flexible Ultra-LTPS technology. It is applicable to smart packaging of food or pharmaceuticals to effectively prevent counterfeits, and can be used in transportation tickets to allow easy access to the content.


Flexible and unbreakable X-ray sensor minimizes image noise – a brand new solution for precision medicine

X-ray imaging sensor arrays are composed of TFTs and photodiodes. AUO’s photodiodes have been specially designed to have low leakage, high quantum efficiency, along with reduced parasitic capacitance and line impedance, able to generate large-size clear images with low noise. The flexible X-ray sensors can reduce product weight by 75% and possess drop-resistant advantages, well-suited to portable X-ray machines, CT (Computed Tomography) scan and industrial pipe detection. In view of the increasing demand for dynamic and 3D imaging of blood and oral tests, AUO releases an X-ray sensor with higher refresh rate and lower image noise achieved by LTPS TFT process, providing a low-dose X-ray solution for taking multiple dynamic images.




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