Display Technologies

AUO’s sensing technology is based on the company’s TFT array technology, which has led to a variety of products with light sensing applications. Compared to CMOS sensors, TFT sensors can feature larger sizes and can be flexible and bendable.


Technology from traditional TFT-LCD displays is integrated with the photoelectric conversion capabilities found in amorphous silicon (a-Si) to absorb light from different bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, thereby creating a digital grayscale image by having the sensing IC read the photo-leakage current differences in the sensing array. Furthermore, AUO’s sensing technology products are highly customizable, which means they can satisfy a broad range of applications.



Optical TFT Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprints are currently the most commonly used biometric identification system. It is used in consumer electronics, POS, banks, government agencies, law enforcement, national security, customs, and other fields. AUO’s advanced processes are capable of producing fingerprint scanning panels in customized sizes, and they support features such as image capture for multiple fingers, flexible settings for different security requirements, and high-resolution scanning and identification—perfect for individuals with smaller fingerprints, such as children. AUO’s scanners work well in bright outdoor environments, and they are light and portable, which means they are convenient to use and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Structure of Optical TFT Fingerprint Sensor




X-ray Sensor

X-ray imaging sensor arrays are composed of TFTs and photodiodes. AUO’s photodiodes have been specially designed to have low leakage and high quantum efficiency, and their optimized structures reduce parasitic capacitance and line impedance. The clear images with low noise can be acquired by large size sensor arrays. AUO is also developing flexible X-ray sensors, which can reduce product weight by 75% and lead to very durable—or even unbreakable—products. These features are well-suited to portable X-ray machines.

X-ray Sensor


X-ray sensor