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AUO 8K4K ultra-high resolution display technology

for astounding visual experience 


Images on a display panel are made up of pixels. Resolution represents the number of pixels that a panel can display. A panel that can display more pixels has a higher resolution and can present a sharper image.


PPI (Pixels Per Inch) represents the number of pixels per square inch. Higher PPI means the more details a panel displays. For the same given screen dimensions, higher resolution also means higher PPI.


AUO 85-inch 8K4K (7680 x 4320) bezel-less ALCD TV display possesses several industry-leading strengths, including the proprietary use of GOA (gate on array) technology to become the first to have produced all around bezel-less design for maximized viewing effect, creating the most lifelike and astounding viewing experience.


Growing demand for display quality brings ultra-high-resolution panels to the mainstream

UHD 4K ultra high resolution technology has now become the mainstream trend for displays . It is used in LCD TVs, public information displays, desktop monitors, notebook PCs and smartphones. In addition to the enhancement of fine details and sharpness, it also presents clearer image depth for more stereoscopic pictures. When incorporating with wide color gamut technology, it results in more vivid and life-like colors.



Perfect in every visual detail

100% color volume expression and true-to-life images





Consumers read, transmit and share large amounts of images and videos on personal mobile devices so now want increasingly detailed displays. Mobile devices such as smartphones, notebook PCs and wearable displays are viewed at a shorter range so they also have higher requirements when it comes to display definition. PPI is therefore an important measure of image quality.


AUO’s 5.5-inch smartphone panels with 538 PPI (pixels per inch) or higher deliver true-to-life images

A higher value of PPI means sharper screen definition. High PPI translates into clearer, smoother fonts on the screen, and the ability to display more web page content at once. AUO has now developed 5.5-inch smartphone panels with over 538 PPI. The sharp and distinct image quality can clearly show all the details of images and the text on web pages without any loss in quality when zooming in or out. Apart from the perfect presentation of details and layers, the playback of high-quality videos is now more life-like as well. These all cater to the consumer demand for higher-quality mobile phone displays. 



Superior clarity with no color distortion

Optimum sharpness and sophisticated visuals in every frame




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