AUO Digitech has transformed its successful experience achieving energy saving and carbon reduction goals through electricity consumption data management into a service solution that can be used by the global community. This solution can help companies save costs and energy, and lead the manufacturing industry to actualize sustainability.


From design, R&D, manufacturing, and marketing, the major global PCB manufacturer offers a wide range of PCB products, but lacks readily accessible data to analyze energy-saving solutions. Analyzing energy data is not easy, and energy-saving adjustments on equipment rely on manual work. This is laborious and makes it impossible to cover all the equipment in an entire plant. AUO Digitech has launched the “Smart Grid” service to help business owners achieve delicacy management of electricity consumption. It comes with the proprietary multi-functional signal-capturing SPIIDER set-top box that can monitor machine currents in real time for energy flow calculation, and provide an electricity consumption overview and energy consumption analysis. To prevent accidental power outages, the Smart Grid is capable of detecting energy consumption anomalies, not only accurately locating equipment with particularly high-power consumption, but also providing around-the-clock monitoring. It automatically detects any abnormal power consumption and alerts the business owner in advance, assisting customers reduce electricity consumption by 1-1.5%.


AUO Digitech's digital transformation and upgrade provide an environment combined with AI and IoT smart manufacturing applications. Taking saving costs and energy as a starting point, AUO Digitech helps enterprises identify abnormal energy-consuming devices through data visualization, which in turn can reduce energy waste and improve energy use efficiency. This can assist more businesses to successfully implement smart manufacturing and create opportunities for low-carbon transformation.



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