In recent years, Siaogang Hospital’s resources have been strained as emergency room visits have climbed to 6,000 patients per month, well beyond the hospital's intended capacity. This situation has prompted the hospital to figure out how to improve the efficiency and safety of their processes, especially in the most complex department in the hospital, the operating room.


AUO Display Plus, a subsidiary of AUO and imedtac jointly created the Smart Operating Room Dashboard Solution to streamline the complex environment and workflow challenges within operating rooms. Medical staff can easily access the information they need through the unified interface that presents multiple images and patient data on a single dashboard. This enables them to focus on providing outstanding healthcare to patients, creating a safer, simpler, and more efficient surgical environment.


The Smart Operating Room Dashboard Solution not only designed to solve the pain points during the surgical process but also makes it simple to record videos, take screenshots, and tag important medication and medical equipment use during operations. This data enables follow-up teaching and clinical research, further helping medical staff and patients, and improving medical training and education.


AUO Display Plus provides a complete solution, contributing to the goal of smart healthcare by helping institutions solve problems while enhancing the efficiency of surgical procedures.



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