NTHU and AUO share the same high regard for knowledge innovation and sustainable value. The smart classroom cultivates talent and provides a role model for knowledge economy and industry collaboration.


National Tsing Hua University is one of the leading comprehensive universities in Taiwan. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hybrid teaching that mixes remote teaching and classroom lessons has become the new normal in education. The traditional classroom is in urgent need of an upgrade.


JECTOR, a subsidiary of AUO Display Plus, is a renowned brand specializing in smart classroom solutions in Taiwan. When AUO was offered this opportunity, the company decided to build a smart classroom that would be tailored to the NTHU College of Technology Management and effectively combine online and offline learning. In 2021, a complete set of the latest smart classroom equipment was donated to the NTHU College of Technology Management. The facility was named the "AUO Lecture Hall" and includes features such as a large LED screen, interactive flat panel display, digital lectern, tracking HD camera, one-key recording, and livestreaming. It presents an innovative learning environment that brings together interactive technologies for the post-pandemic era.


The smart classroom system contains a seamlessly tiled ultra-large 135-inch LED screen with an 86-inch interactive flat panel display on both sides. Professors can write on the display which will be connected to the large screen. In addition, there are 3 cameras in the classroom that perform automated tracking. Students attending remotely will be able to see other students in the classroom through the other two cameras and interact with them in real time, thereby increasing the interactivity of classes.


Through this project, AUO Display Plus has provided a comprehensive integrated smart education solution to bring more interactive learning to the university. The project enabled learning without being constrained by distance, and created an innovative education model with a global reach.



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