Leveraging a strong foundation in smart manufacturing, AUO Digitech provides professional consulting services, total solutions based on the integration of software-hardware solutions, AI platforms, and field applications, as well as professional expertise in sustainable production and manufacturing to guide more companies through the global digital transformation process.


The world's top ten polarizer manufacturers are mainly engaged in the production of polarizer coils. They have leading products such as polarizers for liquid crystal display (LCD) TVs, MNT, NB, tablet PCs, and smartphones. Since products are assembled through multiple processes, quality analysis must integrate the information from each process. However, the test data is scattered, making it difficult to be merged, and so it can only be analyzed separately. Moreover, due to the fast pace of production processes and high material loss rates, if a continuous defect life cycle occurs, there can be substantial material losses.


In response, AUO Digitech offers an intelligent inspection solution that provides roll-to-roll AOI real-time monitoring and integrates multiple production processes to deliver comprehensive process defect monitoring. By simplifying parameter settings through AI technology, various types of defects can be effectively detected during production, and alarms can be issued for continuous defects, allowing production personnel to deal with issues in real time. With the defect marking module, the solution can accurately make a clear mark on the periphery of the defect, reducing 150 million material losses for customers every year, greatly lowering the costs of visual inspection personnel by 70%, and minimizing the risk of customer complaints by 90%.



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