In the new O2O integrated retail model, brick and mortar stores have a greater need for flexible digital contents to help them be more attractive and create store-and time-specific customer experiences. Space4M's WOW!Contents Management System provides the foundation of FamilyMart's digital marketing system. Going forward, FamilyMart will be able to provide more customer-centric services through omnichannel integration of offline experiences and online portals.


The installation of the WOW!Contents Management System (WMS) for 4,000 FamilyMart stores in Taiwan was a smart retail software and hardware integration project aimed at providing the foundation for a digital marketing system. It enables management teams to use a centralized management system to precisely push marketing contents remotely, as well as monitor and manage marketing data in real time. In the fiercely competitive retail industry, such capabilities allow a company to stay well-informed and respond as needed.


With this centralized system, the head office is able to edit and manage digital marketing contents at any time based on the marketing data routinely collected by multiple stores. The head office is also able to push marketing contents to in-store media with precision and increase regional marketing efforts. Real-time reports generated under 24/7 monitoring will help managers understand the situation more quickly and modify their marketing strategies as needed. The one-stop service that encompasses hardware installation, system integration, and warranty and subsequent maintenance gives the client a fast and effective end-to-end service and reduces the total holding cost for the system. Faced with fierce competition, flexibility in the demand for manpower not only allows the marketing team to ease the burden of costs and labor, but also remove communication constraints between the departments and between suppliers.



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