Corning and AUO are not only key supply chain partners to each other, but also partners in solar power. AUO provides a full range of services to help Corning set up large power plants in Taiwan and also becomes a good partner in green initiatives.


Corning is a global-leading innovator in materials science. Having first established itself in Taiwan more than 50 years ago, the company now offers products in optical communication, mobile consumer electronics, display technologies, automobiles, and life sciences. Furthermore, the U.S. head office has long been focused on the development and application of green energy, hoping to use renewable energy to enable Corning to move towards low-carbon transition and sustainable energy. AUO has been one of Corning's key long-term partners in the field of display panels, and possesses comprehensive experience in solar power installation over the years.

AUO offers all-round power plant solutions and actively encourages supply chain partners to join green initiatives. While installing the rooftop solar power system for Corning's factory in Taiwan, AUO demonstrated its expertise in power plant construction for high-tech factories. In addition to reaching out to the authorities for support and assistance in regulations, AUO met Corning's information security and workplace safety requirements without affecting production activities and flows. Furthermore, AUO was able to make optimal use of the rooftop space at the factory and completed two large rooftop power plants with high performance solar modules in four months. This was a step forward for Corning Taiwan toward sustainable development.



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