In keeping with its clean & green vision, CHIMEI transformed an idle factory lot in Shanhua District, Tainan City into the CHIMEI green energy park. Built with green techniques, the park is designed with an equal emphasis on a circular economy and the ecosystem. It embodies the effort to achieve eco-friendliness and sustainability in energy.


CHIMEI Corporation is a performance materials company that designs and manufactures advanced polymer materials, synthetic rubbers, and specialty chemicals. CHIMEI has dedicated itself to pursuing 幸福 (Xingfu): Well-Being Through Contribution and giving back to its employees and clients as well as the community and environment since day one. A shared corporate vision brings AUO, with its spirit of excellence in corporate sustainability, together with CHIMEI Corporation, which has long been concerned with the issue of environmental friendliness and development of sustainable energy, to create the "CHIMEI Green Energy Park". The venue reflects care for the environment through real action. With an installed capacity of 15MW and annual power generation capacity of 20 million kWh, the Green Energy Park is a ground-mounted solar power plant built based on the core concept of "symbiosis of trees and electricity", using green construction methods and preserving more than 22,000 native tree species throughout the area.


It is Taiwan's first "restorative power plant" with green electricity, green trees, and green surroundings and reduces carbon emissions by 12,000 metric tons annually. With its ability and experience in coordinating and integrating power plant projects, AUO makes full use of green technologies by installing solar power panels, smart grids, smart streetlights, and face recognition systems in the Green Energy Park. It is a joint effort to help the client achieve environmental sustainability and energy transition.

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