Smart Factory

AUO has been actively promoting smart manufacturing transformation and upgrading for many years, and has trained nearly a thousand AI professionals. AUO has boosted efficiency and productivity in manufacturing by combining the company’s experience and skills in IT and OT which includes TFT arrays, cells and modules processes. Having benefited from this transformation, AUO is now providing stable and durable industrial display panels for human-machine interfaces (HMIs) in smart industry. Additionally, AUO is promoting the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry by leveraging its years of manufacturing experience and techniques in pan-semiconductor, chemistry, information technology, AI technology, and assembly processes. However, the transition to smart industry is a gradual one. Enterprises at different stages of development from automation, digitization, to smart transformation, will have different needs, and therefore AUO provides customized digital transformation solutions to companies based on their stages of development. In terms of industrial digital transformation, AUO offers digital factory operational system solutions covering supply chains, production, equipment, and comprehensive personnel management, thereby providing data-driven management. In terms of smart transformation in industry, AUO provides services including industrial visual identification system solutions, autonomous mobile robot and management systems, predictive maintenance and AI-powered defect detection solutions, as well as full-time manufacturing monitoring and data analysis solutions. These services allow clients to see a marked improvement in ROI indicators such as yield rates, first pass yield, equipment availability, labor efficiency, etc. As a result, AUO has earned praise from internationally well-known clients in industries such as semiconductors, packaging and testing, opto-electronics, printed circuits, automotive electronics, system assembly, etc.

* Please click the link below to view AUO smart manufacturing video “A Lighthouse Factory with Sustainability and Smart Technology”:

Key Offerings
  • Consulting and Training

  • Industrial Cloud Platform Service

  • Automatic Optical Inspection

  • AIoT Solution

  • Big Data Analysis

  • Industrial Management Software

  • AI Solution

Key Offerings