AUO has been active in the solar industry since 2008. With the capabilities and experience in coordinating and integrating solar power plant projects, AUO is dedicated to offering worldwide customers total solutions with sustainable value. By integration of resources and collaboration with partners, AUO has forged a turnkey business portfolio to fulfill demands for high performance modules, select kit solution bundling service, intelligent operation and management, as well as all-round power plant solutions. In addition, in response to the international trend of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEBs), AUO has developed BAPV/BIPV solutions that combine design and aesthetics to bring clean energy into buildings and everyday lives.


To meet clients’ requirements for “getting everything they need with one-stop shopping” when acquiring components for a power plant, AUO provides the kit solution including high performance modules, monitoring solution, inverters, MC4 connectors, cables and hot-dip galvanization service. Thanks to the company’s superior capabilities, broad field experience, and technical advantages, AUO is capable of offering high efficiency and highly integrated solutions from solar power plant development, operation and maintenance, to energy management. An innovative platform has also been developed for power plant investment, offering new models for power plant operations. Furthermore, AUO takes into account the market’s potential demand for optimizing the effectiveness of electricity usage. Therefore, AUO provides software and hardware integration services such as energy storage auxiliary services, microgrids, and energy storage systems for large-scale consumers, thereby enhancing the stability of renewable energy systems and power grids as well as providing a win-win sustainable energy solution for both enterprises and the environment.

Key Offerings
  • High Performance Module

  • Select Kit Solution

  • BIPV / BAPV Solution

  • All-round Power Plant Solution

  • Energy Storage and Management

Key Offerings