Compensation & Benefits

  • Compensation

    • We provide a competitive compensation policy that exceeds industry standards attract and retain talent, and the salary structure is evaluated on a regular basis.
    • Incentive scheme devised to boost individual, team, and corporate performance, enabling all employees to share in the profits we’ve created together.
  • Leave System

    Balance between work and life is important for us, so our leave system is designed to exceed the minimum labor standards to give you the proper rest you deserve. The additional leave include:

    • Golden Week Leave - You’re encouraged to use this to recharge yourself when the battery runs low
    • Engagement Leave – For one of the most important lifetime event, you can request engagement leave to concentrate on an important life milestone.
  • Stock Ownership

    • As an AUOer, you can join the “Employees Stock Ownership Trust Program,” sharing our long-term profits together.
    • You can establish and customize your own flexible financial planning arrangements through deposits over time.
  • Insurance & Retirement

    We provide a comprehensive insurance coverage for employees and their families by offering general group insurance, life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance, and cancer insurance. Employees working overseas will be covered by business travel insurance as well.