Embedded with zero-bezel tiling technology and 1.25mm in pixel pitch, the ALED Spherical Tiled Display integrates image processing technology. AUO created a spherical display that lengths 3 meters in diameter. Because of its features, the spherical display can show wide content details.


AUO showcased its ALED Spherical Tiled display at the Touch Taiwan 2022 Exhibition. The spherical display is suitable for visual-critical needs and applications such as simulation training and gaming.


Personalized customization in dynamic seating equipment and entertaining digital content offers wraparound comprehensive and immersive experiences. The user sits on a 6-axis motion seat with the spherical flight simulator, combating opponents in dogfights over the virtual sky. Users can also experience the virtual sensation of driving an ambulance on the road with life-like video content and learn to steer the wheel swiftly and safely before they drive the actual vehicle.


Virtual planetariums and intergalactic exploration for astronomical education are other applications where users can explore the universe in starships and learn about astronomy through virtual reality.


AUO ALED Spherical Tiled Display received the gold award in Taiwan Excellence, achieving the highest accomplishments in award-winning products over the region.


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