Through Sustainable and Social achievements, AUO Defended the Top 10 Corporations of the Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards Title by the TSCA and GCSA.


Institutions have recognized AUO ESG development efforts. Through our sustainability report, we demonstrate actions by nudging our vision of low-carbon transitioning and co-creating a sustainable tomorrow with our value chain. And being encountered over global discussions of current environmental conditions, AUO locates itself as the industry leader in providing feasible actions towards climate change.

As for resource circularity, AUO strategizes its focus on source minimization, waste recovery, and expanding the usage of sustainable materials. By developing renewable plastic materials, AUO shifts towards discovering green technology and its innovative possibilities for the goal of zero waste. In 2021, over 850,000 units of our display panels were created by “Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic” (PCR).

For Social aspects, AUO policies care over its foreign employees' living, health, and mental care, providing fruitful, home-like working experiences. Through constructing an equal, empowering, diversified, and friendly working environment, AUO gains recognition for its faith and efforts in the “Leadership in Development of Human Rights Award” by the TCSA.