AUO announced “AUO GreenArk” at Longtan Site was certified as an environmental education facility by the Department of Environmental Protection and hosted its inauguration ceremony today (12). Through refining the results of water recycling into systematic courses of environmental education and the cultivation of professional teachers and volunteers from enterprises, AUO GreenArk provides a learning field of environmental education for elementary school students. After its Taichung Plant acquired the first certification of environmental education facility in 2014, the certification of GreenArk at Longtan Site makes AUO the only technology company(*) possessing two sites showcasing environmental education in Taiwan. AUO actively connects local resources and teams with the neighborhood to promote environmental education and deeply root this concept in the next generation.


AUO also called on 13 units to cosign a “Letter of Intent on collaborative promotion of environmental education”, including existing environmental education sites in Taoyuan (Window on China Miniature and Cultural Institute, Sanqiasui environmental education center, Northern water recycle center and Laojie River Education Center), schools nearby (Sang Ho Elementary School, Long Xing Elementary School, Gao Yuan Primary School, Long Yuan Elementary School, Jhao Men Elementary School, Hsin Hsing Elementary School, Sin Pu Elementary School), Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli regional center of environmental education and Gaoyuan community development association. In the future, AUO will share resources including environmental education courses, instructors and sites to create a close and strong partnership and promote the concept of environmental education together.


AUO President and CEO Paul Peng commented, “AUO has been dedicated to fields including environmental protection and sustainability for a long time. Besides the full recycle of process water at the Longtan Site, AUO also develops new business based on the concept of circular economy and aims to apply the comprehensive water treatment solution and intelligent energy saving service to other industries to create new values on the sustainable journey towards a greener lifestyle. Meanwhile, AUO integrates extensive experiences and results for years with local experiences and culture to design water resource courses. With this, AUO actively promote environmental education to the public, hoping to gather the power of neighborhood to contribute to the sustainable development of community and root the concept of environmental education in the next generation to pass on our love to the Earth and the knowledge of environmental education.”


AUO takes green production as an important part in implementing corporate social responsibility and started to invest in the research of full process water recycle technology since 2010. During the development phase, AUO overcame challenges in engineering, technology and administration aspects and finally completed the first in-house developed and integrated full process water recycle system at the end of 2015 to achieve the goal of 100% process water recycle, with a daily recycled water up to 18,000 tons. In addition to enhancing engineering equipment technology, AUO established “AUO GreenArk” to share water resources management strategies, innovative full-recycle engineering technology and the whole history of implementation with the public through exhibitions and tours. Since its inauguration, AUO GreenArk has hosted more than 100 exhibitions and invited over 3,000 visitors from the industry, government and academia fields of 20 countries in 3 years.

To further expand the influence of sustainability, AUO endeavored to have GreenArk at Longtan Site certified as an environmental education facility to turn the full process water recycle technology into the content easy to understand. Through tabletop games, steam/boiling experiments and group discussions guided by instructors, we aim to pass on the idea of water conversation and knowledge of popular science to enlighten kids on environmental awareness and care. Also, AUO encourages employees to volunteer for environmental education to guide kids to cherish water resources, foster active engagement in environmental protection and build a sustainable society.


*Based on market data collected by AUO as of the date of press release on Dec. 12, 2018

Certification awarding ceremony of AUO GreenArk at Longtan Site (From left to right: Ting-Li Lin, AUO Deputy General Manager; Shen Chih-Hsiu, Commissioner of Department of Environmental Protection, Taoyuan; Li Xian-Ming, Secretary General of Taoyuan City Government; Paul Peng, AUO Chairman and CEO; Xiao, Hui-Juan, Director of Environmental Education Office, Environmental Protection Administration; Gu Xiu-Hua, AUO CSO)



AUO called on 13 environmental education sites, schools and community units in Taoyuan to cosign “Letter of intent on collaborative promotion of environmental education”



AUO actively consolidate local resources to promote environmental education and root the idea of environmental protection in the next generation



AUO guides kids to conserve water resources through different activities like games, experiments and group discussions