GOLF (Gap of Learning & Field), an alliance established by major manufacturers AUO, Compal and Wistron announced its first stage results today (26). This alliance, integrating the power of industry and schools, creates an innovative collaboration platform centering “education-field match & bridging industry-academia”. Through professional online training program and field practices, this platform aims to shorten the adaption period when new graduates start their career as well as allow enterprises to recruit talents prior to graduation to realize the spirit of CSR by the implementation of sharing resources. Since its establishment in 2017, GOLF has successfully provided hundreds of students with internship opportunities. Students with excellent performance will receive pre-offer letter to turn the internship into a full-time job, paving the first mile of employment for domestic talents.


GOLF, the pioneering industry-academia collaboration alliance initiated by enterprises, shares 42 selected professional courses that were exclusively for AUO, Compal and Wistron employees to academia through the digital cloud learning platform and offers online learning programs to over 1,200 students. Through pre-participation in professional courses and field practices in companies, students can not only gather field experiences during the internship, but also have a chance to win pre-offer with superior performance and start a career right after graduation. Currently, GOLF has attracted 12 university partners, including NCU, NCHU, NTUT, NTUST, CHU, LHU, MCUT, MUST, SJU, TKU, TTU and YZU to ensure education-job match and create a win-win situation for industry-academia collaboration through close teamwork between business and school partners.


AUO Chairman and CEO Paul Peng commented, “For years, AUO has been cultivating talents and working with schools in different aspects, including joint-development of technology, grants for talent cultivation, enterprise trainer and project-based courses which are granted the credits by schools. AUO also offers different internship opportunities, like LCD panel factory interns and A+ summer internship program implemented for 15 years. To further enhance the benefits of industry-academia collaboration, AUO will share expertise exclusively for employees with schools through GOLF to allow students to efficiently integrate theory and practice by mentor-and project-based internship, various experiences of activities and international exchange and successfully put knowledge into action. We hope to merge the power of industry and schools to call on more partners sharing the same value to participate and contribute to the development of education and industry in Taiwan.”


Compal GM and CEO Martin Wong mentioned, “Compal has been committed to promoting industry-academia collaboration and bridging education and job seamlessly. For years, Compal works with schools by “granting school credits”, provides professional courses related to the development of innovative technologies and software talent cultivation and offers internship opportunities of purchasing, manufacturing, QC and automated engineering to allow students to combine theory and practices through a mentor-and project-based one-on-one internship. Now, we believe that GOLF can integrate more power of the industry and schools to amplify the benefits of industry-academia collaboration and foster more job-ready graduates. Enterprises also has the opportunity to fulfill CSR and contribute more to the industry and education.”


Wistron General Manager and CEO Robert Huang said, “Upholding the spirit of “altruism", Wistron hopes to attract more participants and designs a series of forward-looking online courses on GOLF digital learning platform, including AI application, big data analysis and cloud application. For practical learning, Wistron provides 2-month to 1-year internships in Taipei and Kaohsiung sites to help students understand the operation of a global enterprise, bridge industry-academia gap, and improve the competitiveness in the job market with the guide of professionals. We also look forward to the participation of other companies and schools to further devote to talent cultivation, minimizing the gap between industry and academia and creating benefits by sharing resources across industries to work together to fulfill the concept of GOLF and improve the competitiveness of education, industry and talents in Taiwan.”


Wiedu, a subsidiary of Wistron, developed a digital learning platform (*) for GOLF to provide cloud training services for both the industry and academia. Currently, 42 professional courses are available on this platform, including the display development and process introduction provided by AUO, laptop R&D project management courses designed by Compal and the software/hardware design, development and process courses of consumer electronics from Wistron to make graduates job-ready as well as improve competitiveness through various professional training programs offered by enterprises. Wiedu hopes to facilitate the digital transformation of enterprises in Taiwan and connect learning and field through cloud learning solutions and aggregate more courses allowing students to put knowledge into practice to improve the competitive of future talents through a 3-in-1 cloud learning service covering education, learning and incubation.

Since its establishment in December 2017, GOLF, the alliance initiated by 3 major manufacturers, has attracted 12 schools in the first stage. In the future, GOLF hopes to draw companies across different industries to participate in to share more resources with schools and provide diverse options and opportunities for students from different schools with different majors. GOLF aims to create an industry-academia collaboration platform across industries and subjects to maximize the value of collaboration as well as benefit more students.


*For more information about GOLF digital learning platform, please click the link below:

GOLF integrates the power of industry and schools to create an innovative collaboration platform centering “education-field match & bridging industry-academia” (Front row, left to right: (Chii-Dong Ho, TKU Vice President; Chi-Ruei Lin, YZU President; Charles Hsu, Wistron CEO; Robert Huang, Wistron GM & CEO; Fan Sun-Lu, Deputy Minister of Education; Paul Peng, AUO Chairman & CEO; Martin Wong, Compal GM & CEO; Ming-Guo Ho, TTU President; Herchang Ay, SJU President; Back row, from left to right: Chi-Ruei Lin, MSTU President; Tzu-Hsiang Ko, LHU President; Ching-Jong Liao, TTU President; Jen Jen-Fon, NCHU Vice President; Jing-Yang Jou, NCU President; Yi-Jun Jen, NTUT Vice President; Shih Ta-Ming, CUST Vice President; Thu-Hua Liu, MCUT President)



AUO, Compal and Wistron initiated GOLF
(From left to right: Robert Huang, Wistron GM & CEO; Paul Peng, AUO Chairman & CEO; Martin Wong, Compal GM & CEO)



GOLF developed a digital learning platform to provide professional online training program for students