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AUO President Frank Ko Presents Online Keynote on “Display Innovations in the New Normal Economy”

Stay-At-Home Economy, Medical Care and Zero Contact Businesses See Explosive Growth in the Post-Pandemic Era

At the Display Week 2020 online exhibition, Dr. Frank Ko, AUO President and Chief Operating Officer, delivered an online keynote speech titled “Display Innovations in the New Normal Economy”. According to Ko, the COVID-19 pandemic has not only threatened people’s health but also exerted an adverse impact on areas such as work, consumption, living and industry. The combination of 5G, AI and display innovations will provide a holistic solution in the post-pandemic, new normal economy.


COVID-19 has already brought varying degrees of effect on different industries. The new normal lifestyle has inadvertently fostered the emergence of the stay-at-home economy, medical care and zero contact industries. Ko commented that the outbreak has forced people to stay in the confines of their homes, thereby increasing the need for online shopping, work from home, learn from home, home entertainment and fitness training. With strong R&D capabilities and comprehensive product lineups, AUO is engaged in high value and differentiated technology development for applications in TV, PC, laptop and tablet. These technologies include displays with anti-reflection and anti-glare eye-protection, 8K resolution with a high screen-to-body ratio and bezel-less design, etc. Complemented by micro LED and mini LED, AUO is pushing the envelope of the home entertainment display technology to produce vibrant, spectacular visual enjoyment for creative or entertainment purposes.


As the COVID-19 outbreak deteriorates, Ko elaborated that the demand for medical equipment has also risen. As a leading manufacturer of medical displays, AUO has developed a series of products for ultrasound, imaging, endoscopy and surgery. In conjunction with the company’s manufacturing advantage in TFT, AUO has developed high-quality X-ray sensors, where high-definition, high-contrast and high dynamic range high-end medical displays assist medical professionals in making accurate diagnosis. In the post-pandemic era, how to effectively reduce the risk of person-to-person infection has become a key to outbreak prevention. As a result, business opportunities have emerged in zero-contact services including food delivery, self-driving and drive-through. With comprehensive car display solutions for the dashboard, CID and rearview mirror, AUO has created a more convenient and intuitive driving experience for drivers. On the other hand, high brightness, durable outdoor public displays can cater to zero-contact consumer service needs such as for drive-throughs.


Although the outbreak has physically kept people apart, Ko emphasized that, driven by innovative technologies including 5G, AI and IoT, displays as a core interface have kept families, friends and coworkers connected. Through diverse products and solutions, the aim is to make our lives smarter and endow people with a more convenient, safe and happy life in the new normal economy.


* Please click the link below to view the online keynote.


AUO President & COO Dr. Frank Ko presents an online keynote titled “Display Innovations in the New Normal Economy” at Display Week 2020