To seize the immense possibilities of the global Net Zero pledges as well as the renewable energy policy launched by Taiwan government, SAS and AUO Corporation have joined hands to enter into a long-term cell supply agreement. SAS will supply large-size and high-efficiency M10 monocrystalline PERC solar cells for AUO solar modules. The cooperation between the both parties is expected to strengthen Taiwan’s domestic energy industry by producing high-quality and high-efficiency solar products locally. Both companies look forward to maximizing the benefits brought by this vertical integration of this strong alliance and grasp the business opportunities from the clean energy transition.


AUO has been deeply involved in Taiwan and overseas energy markets for a very long time. The key components of its high-quality solar modules - high-efficiency monocrystalline PERC solar cells - are manufactured by SAS. To meet the strong demand from AUO, SAS has completed its expansion in 2022 by establishing a brand new M10 production line which is also compatible with G12, the longer size. The average efficiency will reach 23.5%, the highest performance in Taiwan market, and SAS will keep pushing the power limit in the future. Its products reliability, such as LID/DH/MLT, etc., meets not only AUO’s requirements, but also Taiwan and global standards. At the same time, such cooperation also responds to the government's energy transition policy as well as the green energy target in global solar industry.


The quality of AUO solar modules has long been affirmed and supported by top-tier customers in Taiwan and the world. In order to meet customer’ specifications, AUO specially introduced reliability testing equipment in Taichung of Central Taiwan Science Park that is the same as the certification body. After calibration and certification by international tester suppliers, AUO’s products can fully comply with Taiwan VPC quality standards and international reliability certification. Both of SAS and AUO are the excellent local companies that have been cultivated Taiwan market for a long time. Vertical integration facilitates planning and coordination, enabling flexible customization. The cooperation between the two parties will effectively shorten the local supply chain, further secure the resilience of Taiwan's domestic green energy industry.


The global pursuit for carbon neutrality and Taiwan’s energy autonomy have provided the solid certainty for solar industry, boosting solar installation and generation to new highs. Taiwan’s net zero pathway calls for its decarbonized 2050 grid to be fueled up to 70% by renewables, this will spur the continuous improvement of solar technology, and drive equipment upgrading and capacity expansion in line with the industry demand. The key to the success of solar products lies in long-term module reliability, quality assurance and high conversion efficiency/low degradation cell technology. AUO's high-wattage module products can be widely applied in various fields, such as large-scale power plants/fishery electricity symbiosis/agricultural electricity symbiosis/commercial roofs; at the same time, through AUO's self-developed power monitoring system, enterprises/private users can monitor the power generation in a timely and effective way and provide the most effective planning and resource allocation for subsequent maintenance operations.


Rooted in Taiwan with decades of efforts, both of SAS and AUO are the unparalleled renewable manufacturers. This alliance in the large-size generation is the long-awaited result of both parties. SAS and AUO will work together to create a world-class high-efficiency M10 cells and solar modules for Taiwan's solar industry. In the future, new generation N type technology – Topcon - will be introduced. The partnership not only secures long-term supply of the most advanced products and technologies, but also brings persistent and stable income to users. Through this cooperation, SAS and AUO will launch high-wattage products which will be applied in AUO’ energy systems to satisfy Taiwan solar industry with high-quality and reliable domestic products, strengthen technology development to Taiwan solar supply chain, and cement Taiwan's economy prowess with stable and reliable energy sources.