AUO Space4M expands smart retail field applications, introducing the WOW! Contents Management System across 188 branches of First Commercial Bank in Taiwan.


AUO previously collaborated with 第一銀行 FirstBank by providing FindARTs Solution to enhance service quality and customer experience previously in October 2022. Now, First Commercial Bank is teaming up with Space4M (S4M) in renovating its broadcasting bulletins into integrated digital signage. Bringing brand new visual experience to the financial sector through the WOW!Contents Management System (WMS).


S4M cloud-based WMS is a content management system that integrates advanced display technology with software and hardware. It leverages high-quality displays to promote advertisements or financial products and optimize visual experiences instantly. S4M provides one-stop services to customers and covers software and hardware equipment, digital content management, field application consultation, and operation and maintenance training in smart retail applications. Creating increased efficiency and better customer experiences.


The WMS enables First Commercial Bank to remotely manage and distribute real-time information across its branches, providing instant advertising and marketing contents with higher-quality digital experiences. Additionally, contributing to green finance and low-carbon economy.


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