AUO collaborates with the First Commercial Bank of Taiwan by applying FindARTs service in generating artistic innovations at the bank’s First Diamond Center reception area. Providing transcendence standard of artistic ambiance For its high-end clients by displaying masterpieces by renowned Taiwanese artist Cheng-Po Chen (陳澄波) and the distinguished film director Po-Lin Chi (齊柏林) through the application of AUO’s museum quality High Fidelity ART Display solutions and cloud archive, co-creating a professional art gallery in the financial sector.


Through atmospheric designing, clients can be satisfied through high-standard services and the increased interactions between A.R.T. (Advanced Reflectionless Technology) and the clients. In comparison with actual displays of authentic artwork, AUO FindARTs services simplify and provide alternative exhibiting solutions apart from conventional measures that include preservation, transportation, mounting, and other maintenance work for corporations, residential, and the hospitality industry


FindARTs services provides art space designing, High Fidelity ART Display leasing, digital content authorization, white-glove installation, and more. By collaborating with partners, we merge the future of art and technology through innovative possibilities.