AUO Corporation ("AUO" or the "Company") (TWSE: 2409), NVIDIA, and ASUS ROG have jointly announced today the release of the world’s highest* refresh rate panel, a 24.1-inch ROG Swift 500Hz Esports monitor. By combining AUO’s gaming dedicated E-TN (Esports TN) technology with NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer, the new 500Hz panel ensures that games deliver images that are clear, sharp, and smooth for the ultimate lag-free rapid-fire gaming experience.


AUO is the world’s leading manufacturer of gaming display panels, and it has developed an ultra-fast 500Hz refresh rate panel in collaboration with NVIDIA and ASUS ROG, once again setting a new benchmark for gaming displays. Getting to 500Hz, more than 8 times the refresh rate of traditional 60Hz panels, requires a number of innovative display technologies. The AUO R&D team worked closely with the NVIDIA Esports team and created the E-TN panel technology with several breakthroughs, enabling the fastest speed physically possible on LCD technology ever.


AUO E-TN technology extends the physical limits of LCDs. By harnessing the responsiveness of TN LCD panels with improved panel structure design, enhanced liquid crystal material, and fabrication process optimization, liquid crystal switching speed is now 60% faster than before, and delivers a high-speed tear-free gaming experience when combined with NVIDIA G-SYNC and Variable Overdrive. ASUS ROG Swift 500Hz monitor is equipped with AUO’s AmLED display technology, with higher brightness and contrast that greatly improve light and dark details on the screen. Now, players can become invincible in games, quickly acquiring enemies while enjoying a smooth screen with zero lag.


Excellent display specifications and dynamic picture performance are the perfect combination for fast-paced first-person shooters, such as CS:GO, Valorant, Overwatch, and Rainbow Six Siege. ASUS ROG Swift paired the AUO panel with the latest NVIDIA G-SYNC Processor to create the most significant breakthrough in Esports displays ever – a monitor with a 500Hz high refresh rate, low latency and response time that improves gameplay and player competitiveness.


“AUO has been the leader in Esports panel development for over a decade, constantly raising refresh rate standards ahead of the market and pushing the limits of technology,” said James Chen, Senior Vice President of AUO Display Strategy Business Group. “We have been co-developing gaming display technology with NVIDIA since 2012 and over the years we have achieved a number of world firsts, such as 144Hz, 240Hz, and 360Hz. This time around, AUO, NVIDIA, and ASUS ROG have once again worked together to set new records for ultra-high refresh rates to satisfy the expectations of Esports players around the world.”


“ASUS ROG brings the ultimate gaming experience to gamers worldwide with products to satisfy the needs of different players,” said Vincent Chiou, ASUS Corporate Vice President & General Manager of Display BU. “This time, in cooperation with AUO and NVIDIA, we developed the world’s fastest gaming monitor for Esports, the ROG Swift 500Hz. There’s a Chinese saying, ‘In the world of kung fu, speed defines the winner,’ and that phrase aptly describes the ROG Swift 500Hz, with the fastest screen refresh rate and shortest response time available to gamers today. ASUS and AUO continue to push the boundaries of high refresh rate panel technology, from 144Hz, 240Hz, to 360Hz, and now 500Hz, we provide the best gaming experience to gamers around the world.”


Vijay Sharma, NVDIA Gaming Display Product Director commented, “The ROG monitor with AUO’s advanced E-TN panel driven by NVIDIA’s G-SYNC Processor raises the bar by delivering the leadership gaming performance that Esports professionals and enthusiasts demand.”



* Based on the available market research information as of May 24, 2022.

AUO, NVIDIA, and ASUS ROG jointly announced the world’s highest refresh rate panel, a 24.1-inch ROG Swift 500Hz Esports monitor. By combining AUO’s E-TN technology with NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer, the new 500Hz panel ensures ultimate lag-free rapid-fire gaming experience.