AUO is in search of creative, innovative, proactive young talents specialized in:

■ Creative R&D - Advanced Display Technology
■ Innovative Data - AI Application
■ Cross Domain IT – Software and Firmware Integration

At AUO, we provide mentored training programs with tailored education based on the individual's learning curve. AUOers are provided further access to potential global assignments and rotations within the corporate group. Our hybrid working policy gives flexible work arrangements to reach a personal work-life balance. Moreover, the ESOT (Employee Stock Ownership Trust) supports long-term financial investment plans during your time with us.

The AUO campus talent recruiting program begins in March, with a pre-hiring and sign-on bonus up to NTD 300K; we welcome all young graduates to join our team in creating a futuristic tomorrow. Here at AUO, we constantly progress in developing innovative technologies shaping humanity's vision of the future.