AUO Corporation ("AUO" or the "Company") today announced its high-level personnel change. AUO's Board of Directors has resolved to appoint Dr. Frank Ko as Chief Executive Officer and President; Mr. Paul Peng will step down as Chief Executive Officer and remain as Chairman and Group Chief Strategy Officer of AUO. The new personnel change will become effective from March 1, 2023.


Mr. Peng will continue to lead AUO as Chairman, he will oversee the Company's strategies with the Board's support and will continue to establish AUO's sustainable vision which includes, leading the industry and adapting to international standards for net-zero carbon reduction, and implementing corporate ESG policies. The business diversity of AUO Group has continued to expand and thrive in multiple fields such as display, system solutions, industrial intelligence, healthcare, and energy. In his new role as Group Chief Strategy Officer (Group CSO), Mr. Peng will lead the AUO Group toward building an industrial eco-system that envisages to achieve co-prosperity. Guided by its core value, "One AUO", AUO group resources will be integrated to achieve maximum synergy, foster growth, and build organizational resilience in creating new business opportunities.


Dr. Ko accumulated over 20 years of extensive experience in the display industry, including research and development, manufacturing, and business units. As President and Chief Operating Officer of AUO, he led the  Company to achieve outstanding results despite numerous external adversities, such as the industrial headwinds in 2019, business obstacles inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic from 2020 through 2022, and further macroeconomic challenges, including international instability caused by the Russia-Ukraine war and global inflationary pressure. Despite these challenges, Dr. Ko demonstrated his ability to consolidate internal and external resources, and steadily guide the Company through severe changes while simultaneously earning the trust and recognition of customers and AUO’s eco-partners.


In his new role as Chief Executive Officer and President, Dr. Ko will be responsible for the overall operation planning and long-term development blueprint, enhancing innovative capabilities such as advanced technology research and development, digital transformation, cross-domain integration, and accelerating the implementation of AUO’s biaxial transformation. He will also play a leading role in cultivating the next generation of talent and enhancing AUO’s industrial competitiveness to allow the Company to realize its mission of "AUO not just being panel maker, but instead becoming a technology solutions provider that extends across a diverse range of vertical markets", expanding its innovation in the market and exploring future possibilities.


In responding to the constantly changing macro-environment, AUO is quick to adapt and maintain flexibility in its decision-making process thereby allowing it to penetrate future market by maximizing the Company’s group synergies. AUO will anchor itself with its world-leading display technology and solution providing capability, and by following its philosophy of "Tap Into The Possibilities", it will create infinite possibilities as the Company navigates toward the next new era.