Life at AUO


AUO has set up more than 100 different clubs for social services, sporting competition, arts and culture, music and recreation. Employees are encouraged to cultivate a range of hobbies outside of work.


Employee Activities

To promote a positive work environment and a love of exercise, AUO organizes family days or sports carnivals every year. Employees and their families are encouraged to attend and build a sense of unity. Arts and cultural activities such as performances, music and art are also organized to help employees unwind and expand their spiritual horizons.


AUO Book City

AUO has set up AUO Book City in every site that is regularly updated with best-sellers. The elegant reading space and extensive book collection provide employees with a superb place and channel for self-development.



AUO has defined “Nurturing honest and intelligent people”, “Caring for social welfare and cultural originality /Promotion of Cultural Originality”, “Optoelectronic Science Education” and “Loving the green earth /Environmental Protection” as the four main themes of charitable activities. Volunteer clubs have also been set up at all Taiwan sites to support nearby charities. For more event information, please refer to 「“AUO Social Commitment.”」。