Create Shared Values

AUO firmly believe that the sustainability of the company requires balanced development at all levels of the economy, environment, and society. We continuously invest resources and efforts in the six major aspects of corporate governance, environmental sustainability, science education, cultural preservation, social participation, and friendly workplaces. By offering mutual benefit and achieving common progress with stakeholders through multiple channels, we realize our vision of "Go beyond CSR and create shared values".


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Our Main Goal


  •  EPS 2025

We put our efforts on environmental sustainability, inclusive growth, and flexible innovation, which are the three sustainable development themes of AUO EPS (Environment, People, and Society). We are committed to achieving ten goals related to sustainable development by 2025. By working together with stakeholders to develop towards a diversified path, we hope that we can exert an influence in promoting tolerance and growth together. In addition, we also leverage core technologies to improve the resilience of human life and promote flexible innovation in society, with a view to working with partners to create a sustainable ecosystem.


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  •  2050 Net Zero Commitment

We actively respond to external advocacy initiatives and set Science Based Targets (SBT) in an effort to reduce total carbon emissions year by year. We follow the trend of the world and promise to achieve RE30 in 2030 and RE100 in 2050, gradually continuing to work towards the goal of net zero. By formulating a strategic climate blueprint, we are committed to improving energy efficiency and considering the entire life cycle to formulate a recycling production model to achieve the goal of mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, we are also working with our value chain partners to continuously strengthen the resilience of operations, to find new business opportunities under climate change, to meet future climate challenges, and to move towards sustainability.


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Corporate Governance

A potent CSR strategy is rooted in an effective governing structure and associated policies, so we assemble the best candidates to be in the position to succeed and assess the CSR progress through objective measures. 


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AUO Water 2020

Environmental Sustainability

We take a proactive stance when it comes to environmental sustainability initiatives. These are reflected in our carbon reduction policies, energy-efficient production, and the factories we build, earning LEED distinction.



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Social Citizenship

Success is not possible without the support of the community. So, we actively partake in a wide range of social programs to give back to society, including cultural preservation, science education, environmental protection, and supporting local production.



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AUO Water 2020




AUO Water 2020

Inclusive Workplace

Our employees are our greatest assets. We want to foster a safe and inclusive environment conducive to fairness and equality, so coming to work would be an enjoyable, positive experience besides providing a place to learn and grow.



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CSR Report




It has been a challenging two years for everyone, but in AUO, we have been driving our CSR diligently. So, it’s time to see what we have achieved so far.



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