Lifelike Visuals for Gaming Enthusiasts and Professionals

AUO’s AmLED (Adaptive mini LED) display technology, thanks to the enhanced mini LED backlight design, has achieved revolutionary performance in gaming displays. With adaptive local dimming technique, brightness, contrast ratio, colors, refresh rate and power consumption can be precisely adjusted in real time based on the images, environment, as well as users’ needs, therefore providing lifelike gaming visuals and immersive experience to meet gamers’ and content creators’ stringent demand for image quality and smooth operations.



Enhanced Brightness and Dynamic Contrast Ratio

Through more accurate local dimming effect, HDR, and high peak brightness from the mini LED backlight design, AmLED display technology can reach peak brightness of over 1000 nits to meet the VESA DisplayHDR 1000 level and an exceptionally high million-to-one dynamic contrast ratio, creating enhanced true black and brightness as well as delicate details with perfect image depth.



Dark Area -> LED off




Fine Local Dimming





Natural Color Reproduction

With the adoption of quantum dot wide color gamut technology, AmLED displays deliver vibrant colors (DCI-P3 or Adobe), higher color volume at different brightness levels than OLED displays, and smooth grayscale for lifelike, vivid, and accurate colors.



Blur, Dim, Image Distortion




Natural, Clear and Colorful  





High Ambient Contrast Ratio (ACR)

Although the contrast ratio is usually measured in a darkroom, most displays are actually used in bright environment. AmLED display technology features ultra high brightness and high ambient contrast ratio (ACR), being able to deliver vibrant colors and high contrast ratio when users are situated in a bright interior space or bright outdoor environment.