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New Life

Join us, and turn a new page on Your Life ~

New Career Peak

When eagles reach their middle age, they cannot eat any longer for their beaks are too long, cannot soar in the sky any more for feathers are too think, and cannot hunt any more for their nails are too long. Then they retire to a place far away in the rocks and break their too-long beaks on a cliff until they have grown new ones, Then they use their beaks to pull out old nails to grow new ones. And they use the newly grown nails to pluck out old feathers until they have grown new ones. After 5 months of retreat and rebirth they come out and are ready to soar again in the blue sky.

~ The rebirth of eagles of eagles can be compared to a career change in our lives. ~

Join us, if you are ready for:

  1. a challenging job,
  2. a friendly working environment,
  3. attractive conditions,
  4. unlimited development opportunities, and
  5. new skills and new knowledge,

Being one of the world’s leading TFT-LCD companies, AUO is expanding its business woddwide. Since 2008, AUO is already working as a vertical integrator in the PV industry for solar energy solutions.We are committed to provide those keen to extend their boundaries the most comprehensive training programs, international environment and global opportunities. Apart from building more fabs in Taiwan, we also reach out to other regions worldwide. No matter in overseas business locations or global supply chain, AUC offers you unparalleled potential on the global market.