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As we continue to strive for a greener operation, we have developed what we refer to as the AUO Green Solutions initiative, officially announced in the beginning of 2008. This is a company-wide and long-term commitment to reduce environmental impacts in areas of product development, procurement, production, logistics and recycling via technical and management innovations. AUO strives to develop and create any possible ways that not only improve the TFT-LCD manufacturer's operations and bottom line, but improve our environmental footprint and offer our clients and customers the best benefits as well.

AUO announced the launch of Green Ark Project and the target a 25% reduction of carbon emissions in all fabs by 2015 in the beganing of 2012. AUO has introduced energy management platform to its LCD fab since 2011, and is the first manufacturer in the world to have obtained the ISO 50001*2 certification. AUO plans to adopt the ISO 50001 energy management system and AUO's unique energy management platform as well as energy-saving technology to all existing fabrications to further build up AUO's smart green fabs. AUO targets at reducing 25% carbon emissions in all its fabs worldwide from the levels of 2010 by the end of 2015. 

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Panels that care about the environment.
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At AUO, numbers of initiatives, known as the ”Green DNA” campaign, are also launched with the aim of raising green awareness and helping reduce environmental impact among the employees worldwide. Under the core value of “Green DNA,” the “AUO Green Solutions” initiative includes the following four categories:


Fruits of AUO Green Solutions

  • Green packaging designs acknowledged by “Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2012”
  • AUO Named to Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for Six Consecutive Years.
  • World's first manufacturer to have obtained ISO 50001 Certification.
  • World's First LEED Platinum-Certified high-tech facility.
  • Listed among the top 100 green companies in China for four consecutive years.
  • Only company in the global TFT-LCD industry to have received an A+ certificate on CSR Report for four consecutive years.
  • Green packaging design of AUO received the "Golden Pin Design Award 2011".
  • EcoDuo PM220P00 obtains the world’s first carbon footprint verification for solar modules.
  • Obtained the 2009 Award for Outstanding Green Achievement in China’s NDTV Market.
  • Obtained the Green Packaging Design Awards from the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan for three consecutive years.
  • Named to 2009 Dow Jones Sustainability Asia/Pacific Index.
  • Obtain the Gold Award of PackStar 2009 in China.
  • Active developments in the energy business to produce high-efficiency mono-crystalline and multi-crystalline PV modules in 2010.
  • The establishment of “Energy Project Office“ to consolidate the position of the new energy business in 2010.
  • AUO achieved the ‘Green 2010’ goals, which are long-term targets to be achieved by 2010. The ‘Green 2010’ goals are absolute and include:80% waste recovery rate achievement; 70% reduction from 2004 levels by 2010 in water consumption per substrate size 70% reduction from 2004 levels by 2010 in greenhouse gas emissions per substrate size.