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LEED Platinum Certification ─ G8.5 fab in Houli

AUO G8.5 Fab in Houli
World’s First LEED Platinum-Certified Green Facility

AUO G8.5 fab L8B located in Houli of Central Taiwan Science Park has been awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Platinum Certification by U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), becoming the world's first LEED Platinum-certified TFT-LCD plant. Following the recognition of the LEED Gold certifications of its first G8.5 fab in Taichung of Central Taiwan Science Park and the solar module plant in Tianjin, China, AUO's persistence in promoting the concept of green and energy-saving designs from the source stage of fab construction has brought its innovative green competitiveness to the next level and garnered the ultimate acknowledgement for green buildings. 



Green Dividends

  • 49.7% total energy savings, compared with LEED ASHARE standard.
  • 134kW solar panels are installed on the dormitory rooftop of the Houli site, with annual electricity generated sufficient to supply around 40 households.
  • 90% process & daily water recovery rate. Aside from the water recycle systems, water inter-use system (WIS) is also in place. It is estimated that 13 million tons of fresh tap water can be saved annually, enough to fill 6,500 standard swimming pools.
  • 400,000 tons of carbon emissions reduced‭.‬‭ ‬Over 34,000‭ ‬trees are planted at the site‭; ‬high-efficiency‭, ‬mercury-free LED lights are widely used‭; ‬green and carpool parking‭ ‬spaces and exclusive bike spaces are offered‭. Benchmarked against LEED scales‭, ‬it is estimated that around 600‭ ‬million kWh of‭ ‬electricity will be saved annually with the implementation of all the energy-saving measures‭, ‬the equivalent effect of the afforestation of around 100‭ ‬New York City's Central Park‭.‬


Mother glass substrate: 2200mm x 2500mm, about the size of a pool table, can be optimally cut up to six 52-inch or 55-inch panels and eight 46-inch panels.

Green innovative designs

e-Management System - Digital Electricity & Water Meters
Over 70% of the equipments are installed with digital electricity and water meters, with an e-platform to timely monitor water & power consumption and equipment condition for higher usage efficiencies.




Return-Air Ducts Moistening System
The design cuts down costs on the installation of MAU heat pipes, reduces power consumption of pumps and fans, and increases the efficiency of water chiller unit. 4,343 tons of CO2 are reduced per year, when the fab rus at full capacity.




Heat Recycling - Heat Recovery System
The oven recycles heat by making use of the exhaust for pre-heating, significantly reducing power usage. 3,679 tons of carbon emissions are reduced each year





LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a consensus-based national rating system for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings. Developed by U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) in 1998, LEED addresses all building types and emphasizes greener, healthier and more cost-saving strategies for sustainable site development. It is currently the most widely adopted green building rating system worldwide.

If you want to know more about AUO G8.5 Fab in Houli ─ World’s First LEED Platinum-Certified Green Facility, please refer to:


LEED Gold Certification ─ G8.5 fab in Taichung

AUO G8.5 Fab in Taichung

Introducing AUO G8.5 Fab in Taichung, the world's first Gold-Level LEED-Certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) TFT-LCD facility, aims to act as a pioneer in setting a green environmental friendly example in the industry in a bid to realize the idea of offering convenient and delightful digital lifestyles to consumers while protecting the earth.

According to research, there are billions of cathode ray tube (CRT) TVs to be replaced by flat panel displays, as well as increasing demands in other unconventional LCD applications, including public information display, thus, AUO, by taking into account of these reasons, while firmly committed in fulfilling promises envisaged in “AUO Green Solutions”, pledges to make a green facility in creating a harmony between future business growth and eco sustainability.

With these goals in mind and for the love of the earth, AUO kicked off an ambitious project to design a green facility in Taichung by incorporating numerous innovative ideas, including heat recovery design, new generation cooling system, Eco-Shock power saving system, Water Inter-use System (WIS), rainwater harvest system and Uninterrupted Exhaust-driven Wind Power Generator.

Including AUO G8.5 Fab in Taichung is the world's first TFT-LCD hybrid Fab which consists of both G8.5 and G7.5 lines. AUO G8.5 Fab in Taichung, as been certified by LEED gold, can deliver 21% of total energy saving. As to water efficiency, the site is to reach 90% water recovery rate, saving 3 million tons of fresh tap water annually, enough to fill 1,430 standard swimming pools. In addition, 90% of construction waste has been reclaimed, fully conserving resources and mitigating environmental impact. Furthermore, with extensive tree plantings, as well as annual power saving result, AUO G8.5 Fab in Taichung can deliver a significant 87,000 carbon emission reduction annually, an equivalent effect of afforestation of 23 New York City's Central Park.

The size of AUO's Taichung G8.5 mother glass substrate is 2200mm x 2500mm and can optimally cut up to six 52-inch or 55-inch panels and eight 46-inch panels.

Green innovative designs

Exhaust-driven Wind Power Generator

17 Uninterrupted Exhaust-driven Wind Power Generator were installed on top of some air outlets, which operates 24 hours a day and can generate more than 3,400KWh of electrical power per month, resulting in a carbon emission reduction of 25 tons annually, equivalent to the carbon emissions produced by 50,000 standard-size vehicles.



Water Efficient Design
Water Inter-use System (WIS), an innovative design connecting manufacturing processes points that can save 335,000 tons of water, enough to fill 160 standard swimming pools.




Rainwater Harvest System
Utilized Fab’s enormous rooftop as rainwater harvest system that can save over 25,000 tons of rainwater per year, enough to fill 11 standard swimming pools.