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AU Optronics (AUO) has long believed it is important for us to care for the communities in which we live and operate. Along with the company's dedication to employees' cultivation as well as technology research and development, we are also very much devoted to being a good corporate citizen. May it be for cultural perseverance, and education for the next generation. In short, wherever we operate; AUO targets to be a responsible and contributing member of the society.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about giving back to the society. We have contributed a good deal of time, money, and other resources to our CSR efforts. The belief to support AUO's CSR efforts is simple: because we believe that our responsibilities as a corporation include a commitment to the society in which we operate.

AUO has certainly seen the CSR effect on corporate reputation and understood that the single-minded pursuit of immediate, short-term profit is not a business model that is sustainable over the long term. AUO is constantly looking for ways to align itself with social causes that reflect the company's overreaching values, and this includes maintaining strategic partnerships with other organizations.Over the past years, AUO's effort on CSR has been recognized by several official governments and high reputation media outlets. For instance, AUO was named to the award list of the Corporate Social Responsibility by Global View magazine in 2006, and received the CommonWealth CSR Awards from CommonWealth magazine in 2007.

AUO believes that giving back to the community does not necessarily mean monetary contributions, it can include the use of loaned employees, and the donation of goods and services. As a leader in the TFT-LCD industry, we are more than able to leverage the capabilities of our huge resources to benefit society and lead our employees to participate in community services.

The followings are four objectives of community service to which AUO and BenQ Foundation are dedicated.

  •  To encourage intelligence with integrity character
  •  To abridge the gap in digital life
  •  To encourage original art and cultural heritage
  •  To care and concern for the natural environment

Talent Cultivation

At AUO, integrity is the core value. Living in the information society, with information technology leaping with giant steps, morality and ethics is the base for a harmonious society.

Integrity, is the base for accountability Integrity, is the reason for conscientiousness

In today's society, we need more of the "basic" people, who believe in integrity, honesty, veracity, and efficiency to soar in the future. Therefore, AUO has been cultivating "Honest-Intelligent" people through several social benefit events, and then to impart the idea of "Honest-Intelligent" into the next generation.

Christmas Cheer to the Children of Family Support Centers
AUO prepared Christmas gifts for the children living at the Family Support Centers during the holiday season. Just like being the Santa Clause, AUO's employees donated gifts to children who made the wishes.



Reading to Kids
To diminish the difference of educational resources in the rural and urban areas, AUO employees volunteer their time, knowledge and passion to read stories to elementary school students in Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Taichung communities. We believe that employees' long-term dedication in the story-reading program enlightens the students in reading and learning.


The Establishment of AUO Honest-Intelligent Scholarship

In the year of 2006, it is also the 10th anniversary of AUO. AUO decided to create a scholarship to show the appreciation to the community which AUO operate in. The main inspiration is to aid and to facilitate children who wish to study but without the means to do so. AUO Honest-Intelligent Scholarship program has encouraged and aid more than 27,000 students.


e-Kids Camp

Through lively activities and teaching methods, kids were able to understand and get basic knowledge of complicated process of the TFT-LCD production process; specially trying on the garment for the clean room and visiting different size of TFT-LCD fabs.


A+ Summer Intern Program

Every year, AUO A+ summer intern program gives a chance for those students whom want to get a taste of the really working field. Each of the interns comes with a high expectation. At the end of the program, interns leave with full gear of knowledge through hands-on participation.


2010 sponsoring Tai Wu elementary school re-construction
2010 sponsoring Tai Wu elementary school re-construction
Affected by the typhoon in 2009, Taiwan's Pingtung Tai Wu tribe and Tai Wu Elementary School were forced to leave the original place of residence. AUO and BenQ Foundation sponsored their re-construction, and combined the strengths of the group for the re-construction of school.



2010 sponsoring Jia Lan Elementary School re-construction
2010 sponsoring Jia Lan Elementary School re-construction
In 2009, the school teacher dormitory of Jia Lan Elementary School near the Taimali stream was swept away by the storm with 57 houses of Jia Lan village. AUO and BenQ Foundation sponsored the school building re-construction and built up a new solar car shed. The newly opened two-story school building is the learning center for teachers and students during weekdays, and a place for the local residents to relax and hold activities on the weekend. In case of serious natural disasters, it could serve as a shelter.


2009 Sponsorship of "Tiger DaDa's Magic World"
The "Tiger DaDa's Magic World" at the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Taichung is wholly sponsored by AUO. This is the concrete achievement of AUO's CSR effort and its collaboration with the Museum. Through fun and interesting interactive devices and a merry learning atmosphere, optoelectronics becomes knowledge that is within reach for the general public. Visitors could also experience for themselves how optoelectronic applications are related to their lives.


2009 sponsoring China Jiangsu elementary school construction
To provide caring and help for children who live in the less developed areas, AUO continually sponsored the construction of an elementary school located in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. In addition, AUO also teamed up with Northeastern University in forming a volunteer team to personally visit and render supports to students in those areas.


2006-2008 sponsoring China Anhui and Fujian elementary school construction
AUO China employees raised funds internally for the school buildings to help elementary school students to improve their study environment. This fund is also used as scholarship and financial assistance to impoverished family. Until now, AUO China employees disseminate their love to Anhui, North Suzhou and Fujian areas, and plan to expand to other areas in the future.


2004 The Donation for the establishment of BenQ AUO Building

The donation for the establishment of BenQ AUO Building at The National Taiwan University is for the purpose of nurturing future science and technology personnel. The BenQ AUO Building was a collaborated donation to build a facility for the study of Electronics Research and Development. It will allow the school better facilitated for the nurturing of future science and technology majors, who can make a difference in the development of future society.


2004-2010 Collaboration with Colleges and Universities for Research Pro
  • 2006: National Chung-Hsin University, Feng-Chia University, Tung-Hai University, the Overseas Chinese Institute of Technology and Chienkuo Technology University collaboration for employee part-time courses.
  • 2005-2006: National Taiwan University, National Tsing-Hua University, National Chiao-Tung University and Feng-Chia University collaboration for talent cultivation program in the filed of optonics, electric machinery and IC design.
  • 2004: National Chung-Hsing University collaboration for research plans on backlight. • 2000-2004: National Chiao-Tung University collaboration for the research plans in terns of optronics materials.
  • 2003-2004: National Chung-Hsing University collaboration for the development of display technology.
  • 2003-2004: National Chiao-Tung University collaboration for the development of color imaging.



Digital Divide Reduction

To abridge the gap in digital life

Being a member of the TFT-LCD creator, AUO makes every endeavor to prevent the appearance of uneven digital information technology in today's society, with the hope of bring in the technology into every single household.

Information technology curtails the distance between nations.

Information technology shortens the distance between beings.

Through numerous of public events, AUO hopes to convey the convenience of information technology into everyone's daily life. And be able to experience how can the information technology gives us a boundary less living.


AUO Social commitment
2008 - 2014 Counseling Digital Opportunity Center of Miaoli County

Since 2008 AUO and BenQ Foundation have counseled DOC (Digital Opportunity Center) of Miaoli County to help the residents become more tech savvy. Assistance has also been given to each DOC for better bonding, autonomous and sustainable development, enabling the locals to enhance capabilities in e-learning, agricultural marketing and preservation of distinctive culture and practices.


2004-2010 e-Mom Activity

The e-Mom activities were held jointly with BenQ Foundation. The objective is to teach mothers of local elementary school students how to utilize consumer digital products and going on-line. All the teachers were volunteers from BenQ Group. Their efforts allowed the housewives to be in tune with today's digital age.


Art & Culture
To encourage original art and cultural heritage
AUO deeply believes in original culture heritage and modern technology goes hand-in-hand. Through encouraging the creation of music, theatrical performance, drama, animation, and modern technology, AUO is diversifying a new era of the society.

Original culture heritage enables us to have a better understanding of the human race.
Original culture heritage enriches our intelligent and broadens our vision.

Through encouraging original culture heritage, AUO desires to enrich the view of the ordinary citizens, at the same time to procreate a harmonious society.

2010-2012 Sponsorship of BenQ International Sculpture Camp
BenQ International Sculpture Camp aims to promote originalty, and passes on the core values of creative culture to the society. It combines the sculptor's creation process with local education and promotion of cultural units to spread abundant creativity to achieve life and aesthetic education.



2010 Sponsorship of 2010 Taipei Film Festival
To encourage originality in creation, AUO sponsored for the first time the 2010 Taipei Film Festival, co-organized by Taipei City Government, Department of Cultural Affairs,TCG, and Taipei Culture Foundation. A special 3D Zone and forum were established to showcase AUO's latest 3D display technologies. AUO watches out for the latest development in the 3D technology in the hope to always provide amazing viewing experience for the audience, creating a rich and colorful digital life.


2008 Co-Sponsor Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition
AUO sponsored the first Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition. With the theme of " Dwelling" , this exhibition invited the world's leading video artists to participate, to promote Taiwanese video art as well as provide a platform for international video art workers to cooperate.



2004-2009 Hsinchu International Film Festival
For the sixth consecutive year, AUO sponsors the Hsinchu International Film Festival, jointly held by the Hsinchu Film Museum. The event aims to give local residents an opportunity to enjoy renowned international films from all around the world and has expanded to a larger scale with inclusion of Taoyuan area in 2008. This year, the main theme of the festival is "Glory", which aims to share stories about dreams accomplishments with audiences.



Environment Care
To care and concern for the natural environment
At AUO, we strive for the best ways to make a better living environment for the next generation.

Care for the mother earth, for a brighter and a vibrant future
Care for the mother earth, for a fulfilled future

One of the basic believes at AUO is heed for the environment which we live in, through many public welfare activities, and technology advancements, AUO is able to unfold for the caring of mother earth.

2008-2014 AUO Green Carnival

At BenQ Group's "Green Carnival", 4,000 staff and their families joined to grow 20,000 seedlings in AUO's Houli Site.  As of now, the BenQ Group, including AUO, has planted over 800,000 trees in its operations worldwide.  By joining to plant trees and reducing carbon emissions, the entire staff hopes to practice "Green Solutions" for the sustainable development of Taiwan.


2009-2014 Adoption of Rice Paddies
Employees of AUO joined the rice paddy adoption program held by BenQ Foundation and experienced for themselves how it felt to do farm work, planting rice with feet firm in the paddies. Through the experience, the participants learned to treasure the resources of the Mother Nature, understood the seasonal shifts of "plowing in spring, weeding in summer, harvest in fall, and storage in winter," staying close to the Nature.


2010 Restoration of Taiwan Native Plant Species
2010 Restoration of Taiwan Native Plant Species
Taiwan Taichung Zhong-Ming Elementary School has Taiwan's first native botanical garden. Zhong-Ming Elementary School specially gave AUO the small trees as a present to plant in the green belt area of AUO Taichung fab for the restoration of native plant species. An area with diverse Taiwanese native tree species was planned, where the neighboring school students could visit. There are 210 plants of 22 native species, divided into three districts: Lanyu Island area, coastal flora and low elevation area. And AUO established the level of complex plant layers according to the regional plant height.


2010 Restoration of Taiwan Native Plant Species
2010 Donation of Taichung's First "Solar Green Leaf Pavilion" to Chang-an Elementary School
AUO worked with BenQ Foundation to donate the first "Solar Green Leaf Pavilion" to Chang-an Elementary School in Taichung City. Representing the integration of solar energy, education, campus landscape and public art, the pavilion could save up to 12,000 kWh of electricity per year. The figure is roughly equivalent to the amount of power consumed by 6 classrooms eight hours per day, reducing 7,632 kg of carbon emissions. The pavilion is the best example for the learning of renewable energy and will help children better understand and utilize green energy in their daily lives



2009 Taiwan 88 Flood Relief Project
In 2009, Typhoon Morakot resulted in heavy damage to Taiwan. BenQ Group was among the first to have pooled its group resources and donated NT$100 million. Taiwan 88 Flood Relief Project was then initiated, with the education of children in the flooded areas being top priority. Taiwu Elementary School in Pingtong and Jialan Elementary School in Taitung were adopted and the campuses were rebuilt with disaster-proof solar systems installed. In case of natural disasters, the solar systems could still generate electricity in blackout situation.


2008 Little Pioneer Green Camp
The Little Pioneer Green Camp held by AUO, is the first children's camp developed for the understanding of renewable energy and to stimulate innovative ideas. We use simple, lively and vivid interactive methods, which allow children to understand the six major renewable energies on the earth. In the curriculum, children also have the filed carbon-energy saving experiment operation. AUO RD colleagues plan a simple and intuitive carbon-energy saving panel class to help children easily absorb environmental protection knowledge and technology. In this way, they will start to execute the environment protection from their own, and then affecting the surrounding friends and family to care about our environment together.


2008 Happy Kid's Environmental Tour
AUO volunteers led 200 elementary school students to learn about "Environment Care" and "Ecological exposition" through various activities. We hope to bring these kids the knowledge about the secrets of nature, how we can protect the environment, and enlightening their "Green DNA".



2006 Earth Day Event

Through learning of origami, AUO employee was able to learn the importance of recycling.




2005-2006 Guarding of the Jade Mountain

AUO along with BenQ Group had adopted a trail in Taiwan's highest mountain, Jade Mountain.




2004 The Donation of Fire Truck to Lungtan's local Fire-fighting Unit
As a token of the company's gratitude for the local community, AUO donated a water and environmental conserving fire-fighting vehicle to the local fire-fighting unit. Equipped with improved firefighting capabilities ensures the safety of the local residents in Lungtan.