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MVA (Multi-domain vertical alignment)

The characteristics of vertical alignment (VA) technology lie in its liquid crystal molecules, which are oriented perpendicular to the polyimide surface. When no electric field is applied, there is no phase difference and a perfect dark state is achieved. When an electric field is applied, however, the liquid crystal molecules will tilt, thus creating a phase difference and forming a bright state. In addition, its pixel structure design and electric field distribution create a multi-domain, where liquid crystal molecules tilt in multiple directions resulting in large viewing angles and enhanced optical performance. Simply put, MVA (Multi-domain Vertical Alignment) is a wide viewing angle technology featuring perfect dark state performance.

Fig. A Fig. B

The protrusion is placed on the CF substrate, while an ITO slit is placed on the array substrate to form the four domains. This protrusion design offers better control over the liquid crystal molecules, but may suffer slight light leakage due to the small tilting of the liquid crystal molecules in the dark state. When there is no voltage applied between the top and bottom substrates, the liquid crystal molecules near the ITO slit have an almost vertical orientation, thus giving excellent performance in the dark state.