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Our Dedication to TFT-LCD Technology Advancements
Six hundred times magnification of liquid crystal molecules

AUO, one of the world's leading providers of optoelectronic solutions, provides customers with a wide range of product applications and technologies.

Bright Innovation  Amazing Life indicates AUO's vision and the goal of our efforts.

Display industry continues to develop toward higher resolution and larger sized products. AUO, constantly working to upgrade technology and product differentiation, has successfully developed ultra high resolution, curved, ultra-slim, high color saturation, and high-efficiency integrated touch solutions. We use innovative display technologies to access a future of unlimited possibilities.

AUO leads the industry in launching UHD 4K curved LCD TV display, WQHD (2560×1440) ultra high resolution smartphone display, super slim dual side display, eTP (Embedded Touch Panel) and oTP (On-cell Touch Panel) integrated touch solutions, ultra high resolution AMOLED panels, etc. AUO's research and development activities are principally directed towards advancing manufacturing process technology and product development, including feature enhancement of products and working jointly with customers to design products that meet market demands.

AUO takes the mission to be a global leader in green solutions to the heart of every strategic move. Being able to offer our valued customers diverse applications and a wide range of technologies is our top priority. Improvements are constantly being made in our manufacturing process technologies, including simplification of the manufacturing process, good use of automation and robotics, and reduction in the number of components to increase production efficiency, capacity and product quality. To support our fabs, we maintain a research and development team that works to improve our manufacturing processes, as well as a team of IT engineering that focus on computer integrated manufacturing. 

Since 2007, AUO has been committed to the development of slimmer, lighter, and power-saving technologies,,in an effort to develop new technologies, help reduce carbon emissions, and create a more efficient digital life for people. AUO announced the AUO Green Solutions in 2008, which was a company-wide and long-term commitment to reduce environmental impacts in product development, procurement, production, logistics and recycling via technical and management innovations. In 2009, AUO completed the carbon footprint verification of its 32-inch LCD TV set according to international carbon footprint standard. In 2010, AUO made a declaration of carbon footprint reduction and hoped to set the trend for the industry to cut down on carbon emissions and adopt the green choice leading to a low-carbon society and lifestyle.

AUO achieves many "first" records in Taiwan:

  • AUO Technology Center (ATC) was established in 2002, known to be Taiwan's largest optoelectronics R&D facility ever built.
  • AUO mass produces TFT-LCD panels with its G3.5, 4, 5, 6, 7.5 and 8.5 generation fabs.
  • Since 2002, AUO has been the patent application leader in Taiwan's display industry. 
  • The world's first carbon footprint verification on 32-inch LCD TV Set.
  • The world's first ISO 50001 certification for manufacturing facilities.
  • The world's first LEED Gold and Platinum certified TFT-LCD facilities.
  • AUO led the industry in successfully mass producing 6.5-inch WQHD (2560×1440) ultra high resolution OGS smartphone display.
  • AUO combined leading TFT-LCD technology with OGS (One Glass Solution) to develop the all new integrated eTP solution.
  • The world's first UHD 4K curved LCD TV display.
  • AUO led the industry in mass producing 6-inch WQHD (2560×1440) ultra high resolution LCD panel for smartphones.


AUO Technology Center

As the TFT-LCD industry is characterized by rapid technological changes, we believe that effective research and development is essential to our success. AUO has established its R&D facility, AUO Technology Center (ATC), which is known to be Taiwan's largest optoelectronics R&D facility ever built. At ATC, research efforts are dedicated to the development of new products and technologies, manufacturing process, continuous product improvements, innovative applications, and increasing intellectual property right ownership. The research center is undoubtedly a key element of AUO's blueprint for its success in the display industry. 

With the aim to establish the best LCD technology platform and fully integrate R&D resources, In 2002, AUO constructed ATC next to its headquarters in the HsinChu Science Park. Currently, AUO houses a staff of 2,500  R&D professionals worldwide, whose specialties include research and development of new technologies, platforms, products, integrated solutions, equipment science, and automated technologies. In 2005, ATC expanded its reach to the Central Taiwan Science Park and created the first high-tech R&D base in Central Taiwan. 

AUO acknowledges the importance of building a robust patent portfolio to sharpen the Company’s competitive edge. Since 2012, AUO has been included in the Ocean Tomo 300® Patent Index. As of March 2015, AUO owns more than 17,100 patents worldwide, as well as over 23,100 patent applications. The Company's patent strategy and related efforts devoted ensure its leading position in the display industry.