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Compensation & Benifit

Compensation Policy
AUO believes compensation and benefits are important aspects to our employees, therefore we have developed a Competitive Compensation Policy.

Introduction of Compensation and Benefits System

  • Salary system:Competitive salary standard; according to overall AUO operation, the salary of each individual is adjusted annually in proportion to personal performance.
  • Rewards system:For encouraging colleague’s performance on work, AUO offers a bonus system based on personal performance and overall corporation operation.
  • Bonus system: After implementing the rewards system, AUO still allots proportional profits to employees as bonus. However, corporation profits are closely related to employee performance, so the employees need to work cooperatively and have outstanding achievements to receive better bonuses.
  • Insurance system:In addition to National Health Insurance and Labor Insurance required by law, AUO also offers group insurance and accident insurance as part of employee welfare, which ensures better, more complete insurance for livelihood and safety. On the day upon newcomers’ first arrival, AUO will apply for their health insurance, labor insurance, and group insurance. At the meantime, employees can also buy health and group insurances for their family members.
  • Work/leave system:Besides demands on working performance, AUO also hopes employees spend more time with their family. As a result, AUO offers a holiday system that is even better than Standard Labor Act. In addition to paid annual holidays, each year employees have extra, flexible holidays for family gatherings or trips.

Career Development

  • Performance assessment:AUO is a performance-oriented management company and has public performance assessment systems. Employees can communicate in person with their supervisors about setting personal working objectives. And individual performance assessment will be undertaken periodically each year as a reference for salary adjustment, bonuses, profit sharing, and promotion in the future.
  • Development platform:Other than establishing branches in Taiwan, AUO has expanded into the world in recent years. AUO is planning oversea factories and integrating global supply chain, and these are great opportunities for talent development.


AUO values the balance between lifestyle and work of their employees, and thus each factory district has a fitness center for enjoying life and entertainment. The fitness center has the scale of a fitness center, including several courts for basketball, badminton, table tennis, billiards, and many others. The center is a great place for exercise at leisure time.

The center has KTV rooms for friends and colleague, and they are open for family members on holidays free of charge. An arcade room is also available which includes several recreation utilities such as basketball arcades for employees to exhibit their skills.

In addition to indoor basketball and badminton courts, the center also has fitness and aerobics rooms. Professional and well-built, first aid certified trainers provide care, services, and appropriate counseling on cardiopulmonary, flexibility, and body coordination.

The center holds various aerobics, dancing, and body-mind-spirit programs on regular basis to increase cardiopulmonary function, and through coordination between breathing and body movements to balance the body and mind.

Other than providing space and programs, the center also holds ball games, fun games, and marathons regularly for employees, so they can have a variety of exercises to choose from to become healthy and vigorous.

Welfare Committee Activities

AUO Welfare Committee greatly values the importance of body -mind balance for employees. The committee encourages everyone to participate in activities held throughout the year. Employees can reduce their stress and fatigue from work and cultivate appreciation for arts and humanities to become a healthy, satisfied worker who enjoy both work and life. Having put great efforts in welfare promotion, AUO Welfare Committee was honored with Outstanding Employee Welfare Committee Award from the Council of Labor Affairs for two consecutive years.

AUO Welfare Committee annual activities include Family Day and Sports Day for the whole family to play together, Sunny Day to bond the employees, Sports Season, Special Sales Festival Theme of Sales, Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Party, Christmas Dream Project, and the Feast of Life which invites well-known, enthusiastic and persistent individuals to share their passion for life and the land through music and images that touch the hearts of employees to create positive and uplifting energy. 

AUO Welfare Committee Activity Highlights


The AUO Welfare Web – Welfare Committee Information Platform

In order for employees to inquire about AUO Welfare Committee related affairs and events at anytime, AUO Welfare Committee has developed the "AUO Welfare Web" for employees to  check online without time or place constraints. The website includes activity registration and news, club section, special contracted retailers, activity photos, flee market, among others. The website also works together with well-known shopping portal to offer gift exchange, where employees’ welfare subsidies take the form of shopping credits. The online shopping portal offer diverse choice of products for employees to exchange freely with their shopping credits, whereby increasing the value of welfare subsidies.