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Sustainability Policy

In 2014, the CSR Committee was formally established to enhance the management efficiency of corporate sustainability and integrate horizontal resources in order to meet stakeholders' expectations of corporate governance, environmental protection and social care at the same time. The president of AUO serves as the chairperson of the CSR Committee, and each sub-committee is headed by a vice-president. AUO will keep on prompting more comprehensive plans and proactively engage in global CSR movement and make contribution to move forward on the road of sustainable development.

  1. With the “Bright Innovation, Amazing Life” vision, AU Optronics is committed to business sustainability by balancing economic, environmental, and social needs.
  2. We uphold the highest standards of integrity. Any and all forms of bribery, extortion, corruption, and Illegal profits are strictly prohibited.
  3. Weighing risk and opportunity, we create benefits for our customers, shareholders, employees, and relevant stakeholders.
  4. We operate in full compliance with the laws and regulations, and adhere to internationally recognized standards and initiatives.
  5. As the company takes on the mission to be a global leader in green solutions, we foster continuous product innovation and are dedicated to technology advancement.
  6. By strengthening partnerships with our value chain, we seek joint value optimization and positive impacts.
  7. We believe enhanced resources and greater energy efficiency will stimulate a more circular economy.
  8. We wish to reduce adverse environmental impacts, mitigate climate change, and preserve ecological balance.
  9. We support the Universal Declarations of Human Rights and place importance on equal opportunities, diversified career development, and labor rights.
  10. We promote work-life balance and maintain a comfortable and safe environment to ensure human capital development.
  11. With “Integrity & Introspection,” “Caring & Contribution,” "Execution & Excellence,” and “Passion & Professionalism” as our core values, we actively engage in corporate citizenship and make valuable contributions to the society.
  12. We promote greater transparency and accountability by enabling proactive information disclosure and sharing.
ESH and Energy Policy

AU Optronics constantly spares no efforts in its devotion to environmental protection, resources conservation and caring for people. We have always been seeking a way in fulfilling corporate social responsibility towards sustainability while reaching our business goals.

Accordingly, AU Optronics commits to providing prerequisite resources in order to carry out the following policies.

  1. Comply with the Laws and Fulfill Commitments
    ‧In compliance with or exceeding ESH and Energy associated laws and regulations.
    ‧Standing by voluntary ESH and Energy associated commitment.
  2. Reduce the Environmental Burden
    ‧Applying the principle of “Design for Environment and Energy” in all products and services, and minimizing environmental and energy impacts throughout business operations.
    ‧Dedicated to the advanced technology development and management system, and supporting the purchase of energy efficient products and services, in order to maximize the energy and resource efficiency.
  3. Promote a Safe and Healthy Workplace
    ‧Adopting Best Available Control Technology in favor of hazard prevention and risk control.
    ‧Advancing the workplace safety and people’s health in prevention from occupational injuries and diseases.
  4. Communicate with Stakeholders
    ‧Reinforcing stakeholder engagement and performing continuous improvements based on feedbacks of stakeholders.
    ‧Proactively disclosing ESH and Energy associated information in support of transparency of public disclosure.
  5. Foster Sustainability Culture
    ‧Furthering ESH and Energy training and technical skills with the aim of deepening awareness and reinforcing practices.
    ‧Engaging with external ESH and Energy associated organizations or activities in benefit of value of diversity.
  6. Enhance Management Performance
    ‧Conducting regular reviews of corrective actions in order to continuously improve ESH and Energy performances.
    ‧Integrating the value chain and maximizing synergy by keeping business partners engaged in ESH and Energy activities.
AUO's Statement on Conflict Minerals
  1. AUO restates that AUO and its suppliers shall assume responsibility together for community and environment protection.
  2. AUO does not accept the gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn), and tungsten (W) mined illegally in Congo or conflict areas near Congo.
  3. AUO will inform and ask its suppliers to perform the above statement.
Human Rights Management

In order to establish the corporate social responsibility meeting the expectation of stakeholders, domestic labor laws and regulations, and the corporate spirit of AUO, in 2006 relevant policy was formulated based on the considerations of international standards including Social Accountability 8000, Global Sullivan Principles, Ruggie Framework and Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) to guarantee the safety of working environment, the protection and respect of employees’ rights and interests, the implementation of pollution prevention of process and product, and the fulfillment of social responsibility. The content of such policy was published on AUO’s corporate website.

AUO has clearly declared the protection of our employees’ human rights via internal documents and rules such as “Employee Manual”, “Work Rules”, and “Operating Rules of Sexual Harassment Prevention”, which include basic regulatory requirements, freedom of employment, humane treatment, and prohibition of improper discrimination and sexual harassment. Furthermore, diversified and effective communication mechanisms have been established together with the improvement of salary benefits, training and development opportunities, and courses selection. The use of child labor is absolutely prohibited in AUO’s corporate social responsibility policy. Without hiring any child labor under the statutory minimum age of employment, AUO will also protect the physical and mental health and safety of employees under age 18 by preventing them from being assigned with dangerous tasks.

To enhance the labor rights and accelerate the communication between the labor and the company, AUO has clearly disclosed multiple channels for employees to reflect their voices, feedback and complaint, such as the mailbox systems like "Internal Communication", "General Manager mailbox", "Audit Committee mailbox", "Sexual harassment complaints mailbox", and "Help me advice line"- all mailboxes with the most stringent regulations to protect employees’ privacy and confidentiality. Furthermore, AUO implements Labor-Management meetings and Welfare Committee meetings periodically to ensure an open communication and negotiation authority to employees, achieving the positive labor-capital relations ultimately.

Follows are the major principles of our corporate social responsibility policy:
Law Compliance,
Freely Chosen Employment,
Prohibits the employment of child labor,
Humane Treatment,
Employee Communication,
Compensation and Benefits,
Training Opportunity,
Business Integrity,
Intellectual Property,
Disclosure of Information,
Culture Advance,
Promotion of the Policy.

Table of human right risk structure

Tax Policy
  1. Adhere to local tax laws; calculate and pay taxes correctly
  2. Support local government’s tax policies on business innovation and reinvestment
  3. Handle tax matters with the utmost ethical standards
  4. Disclose tax information in financial statements and annual reports in strict accordance with reporting standards and laws
  5. Evaluate impact and response measures for changes in taxation laws
  6. Learn the latest developments/changes in local tax laws, and convey them to employees through internal training