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AUO welcomes non-profit organizations to join the campaign of carbon neutrality: carbon credits donation application program. Impacts of global warning continue to take place all over the world, and cases of abnormal climate keep emerging. There have been more and more scientific statistics proving the environmental impacts of greenhouse gases. The carbon neutrality action is an indication of initiative to slow down global warming. The carbon emission which cannot be reduced can actually be deducted by carbon credits as the effort of environmental protection. The carbon neutrality goal can be achieved in three steps: the first step is the development of greenhouse inventory, the second step is the implementation of greenhouse gas reduction, and the third step is to deduct the residual emission by carbon credits, thus avoiding the increase of greenhouse in atmosphere. The implementation of carbon neutrality is not only the trend of advanced countries all over the world, but also the innovative applications for respect to urban communities, services and activities.

In 2013, AUO applied for carbon neutrality project with the corporate HQ building as the subject via the three stages of quantization, reduction, and deduction in accordance with PAS 2060 Specification for the demonstration of carbon neutrality and “Carbon neutrality implementation and demonstration guidelines” of Taiwan. It has been certified by BSI (British Standards Institution) that the HQ building is with zero net increase of greenhouse gas emission in the atmosphere. AUO has actively promoted carbon neutrality to mitigate climate change, and it has planned to expand the carbon neutrality goal in 2015 such that the dormitory buildings in non-production areas can achieve carbon neutrality goal, and the Company Family Days and Sports Competitions will also be organized based on carbon neutrality approach.

For encouraging more efforts devoted by people who care, AUO will appropriate 100,000 tons of carbon credits for non-profit organizations in Taiwan to apply for carbon neutrality. The application operation is as described below:

  • The qualification should be confirmed by contacting the AUO business window. Each unit is only allowed to file one application, and the cap of carbon credit is 3000 tons.
  • Carbon credit application should be submitted to AUO by official documents with application form attached (click here to download). The contact address is as shown below.
  • AUO will implement cancellation operation of National Greenhouse Gas Registration Platform, and the operation time will depend on the progress of EPA.
  • After cancellation application is approved by EPA, it will be announced on the webpage of platform (website:
  • Applicants can carry out subsequent carbon neutrality operation in accordance with the page of cancellation announcement, and confirm that data has been uploaded to the EPA carbon neutrality registration management platform (

AUO retains the right to approve such application. In principle the carbon credits will be appropriated following the sequence of applications until the total quota has been reached (the cap of total carbon credits quota is 100,000 tons)

Contact Information
AUO CSR Committee Secretariat 
Phone number:03-500-8800*3952