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Goals of AUO Water 2020

Under the increasingly extreme weather conditions, risks caused by water shortage present challenge and crises. However, through technological advancements in green and water resource management, AUO continues to create new values and opportunities on the path to sustainability.

AUO also pledged that by year 2020, the Company will achieve three major water resource goals, namely “Water Reduction, Water Creation & Water Replenishment”. The goals are: TFT-LCD production water intensity will be reduced by 30%, 10,000 tons of reclaimed water will be used daily at AUO’s Taichung site, and water neutrality will be achieved at AUO’s Lungtan site. Proactive and forward-looking water resource development strategies will be deployed to ensure sustainable development for the environment.


Premier Chi-Kuo Mao (middle), AUO's Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Paul SL Peng (left), AUO's President & Chief Operating Officer Michael Tsai (right) together revealed AUO’s 2020 water resource goals of “Water Reduction, Water Creation & Water Replenishment”.


Process Water Full-recycling System

We care about the existence of this land and the corporate responsibility felt by local residents. Therefore we have turned the spirit of water resources cooperation into specific actions and develop innovative water recycling system. With the latest professional technology, we can successfully maintain local water quality while effectively reducing the impacts of other factors on environmental quality. 

Over the years AUO has been dedicated to recycling and reclamation of water resources, while the water recycling rates of all Plants are greater than 80%. The water recycling rates of the 8.5-generation Taichung Plant and Houli Plants which were granted LEED Gold and Platinum Certificates are greater than 90%. With a recent crucial breakthrough of water resources treatment technology, the first full water recycling solution in the manufacturing industry in Taiwan has been developed, and we are heading towards our goal of 100% recycling of water resources. 

The technological breakthrough of AUO’s innovative full water recycling system is based on years of experience in developing process water recycling and reclamation. AUO has been actively dedicated to the research and development of its own full water recycling technology for a long time. Recently it has broken through the technology bottleneck and developed economically feasible full water recycling system to reduce the process water consumption by more than 95% via the approach of recycling after recycling. And then it will go through high efficiency evaporation equipment to achieve zero emission, thus making it the most advanced and environmental friendly water resources recycling solution in manufacturing industry.  

The process water fully recycling system of Longtan Plant was inaugurated at the end of 2015.



AUO GreenArk

Water resource is one of the most important environmental issues with global attention. AUO’s Longtan Plant has actively dedicated to the process water fully recycling zero discharge project, which has been officially completed at the end of 2015. It is the milestone of the greatest process water recycling project in Taiwan. 

To allow people from all sectors to join the 【Fully Recycling‧Water Action】, we provide “AUO GreenArk Water Resources Gallery Hall” tour guide service to share our technology and experience in promoting process water full recycling with participants from all sectors such that we can work together towards the vision of renewable water resources. 

The exhibition of “AUO GreenArk Water Resources Gallery Hall” includes: AUO Green Action, Context of Water Resources, Full Recycling Zero Discharge Technology, Visible Green Benefits, and Environmental Friendly Future. We would like to invite people from industrial, government, and academia sectors and students of college level or above to attend to this exhibition to witness the achievement of water recycling.

  • Visiting hours: By appointment only
  • Visitors: as many as 20 visitors for each batch
  • Application approach: please fill up the application form (click here to download) and email it to the contact window of our company

AUO GreenArk Water Resource Gallery occupies approximately 2,000 square meters of land. It preserves chinaberry and red nanmu seen in local habitats, and is planted with native trees such as griffith's ash and Chinese tallow. A pond has also been designed and built to create biodiversity.

The gallery itself was constructed with used cargo containers, which replaced much of the steel and concrete materials. The recyclability of metal helps reduce environmental impact. The building features a south-facing roof that extends outwards. The roof surface is fitted with a 325W high-efficiency solar module (PM096B00), whereas the interior is fitted with AUO’s solar energy storage system (PowerLegato) to power the interior of AUO GreenArk.

As the Longtan Site achieved its goal of complete 100% water recycling, the “AUO GreenArk Water Resource Gallery” was simultaneously opened as an educational gallery to introduce stakeholders to the various strategies, technologies, and concepts that AUO has adopted thus far to fulfill its green commitments.