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Education Programs

Complete Training Programs

AUO greatly values employee training and development. At the moment they start their career at AUO, employees immediately receives abundant resources for training from AUO. In different stages, AUO adopts corresponding training plans to obtain the best results. Comprehensive training and development framework can increase employee competitiveness and employees can, at the same time, contribute reciprocally innovative knowledge and skills, benefiting employees, AUO, and even the entire industry.

AU Optronics (HRD Dept.) offers the best and complete program for the development of our staff. It utilizes Organizational Analysis, Task Analysis, and Personal Analysis to structure a corporate-wide training program that is based on AUO Core Competency Model. Our program is divided into the following major categories:

Model for Developing AUO Talent

  • For the New Comers:
    To help our new colleagues understand and familiarize with the AUO family, we have implemented a detailed orientation course targeted for our new entry members. For a smooth transitional period, each new member is designated a Mentor from their departments, to provide on-hand training.
  • Leadership Development: 
    According to different management levels and competencies, ALC structured a series of leadership development programs to enhance organizational capabilities and cultivate talents.
  • Research and Development:
    For reassuring AUO core engineering, equipment technology, and R&D skills, professional knowledge are integrated and systematic physics and online training programs are established to improve and pass down engineering, equipment technology, and R&D personnel’s professional technological skills for creating, sharing, and managing knowledge.
  • Quality Control:
    For AUO members to maintain the highest level of quality standards for our product, we have structured training seminars and implemented quality management programs. In recent years, AUO has emphasized on environmental awareness and green product is also part of the key education programs.
  • Enrichment of Knowledge:
    For helping AUO employees to enhance work competency and efficiency, ALC planned a series of management programs and offer them for everyone to participate in. ALC also periodically holds classes on English, Japanese, and software application. As of now, except English and Japanese classes, three other foreign languages are also being promoted, for instance Czech, Spanish, and Korean. This allows expatriates to learn local languages in advance.
  • Training Executive Committee:
    Keeping in mind the uniqueness of every function and department, and to ensure that our training is realistic, every department assigns a committee representative who brings forth each department's specific needs. The committee interchanges knowledge and communicates targeted departmental goals and contributes to developing a conscientious educational training curriculum analysis. This structure of the effective uses of training resources strengthens our competitiveness and capabilities.

Diversified Learning Sources

  • On-The-Job Training
    Learn one’s professions on the job, which includes participating in work meetings + planning and execution + tasks…etc.
  • (In-House Training
    Participate in company-wide, annual training programs planned and organized by ALC and departmental professional training programs held by TEC.
  • External Training
    Participate in every work-related training program, seminar, or domestic and international survey that is held externally.
  • Web-Based Learning
    Learn by utilizing recourses from the Internet and the mass media, which is not restricted by time or space. For example, newcomers are trained by adopting web-based learning, which includes English, Japanese, and over 100 types of online classes.
  • Self-Learning
    Self-learning can be achieved through reading or participating in-service programs (e.g. EMBA). At present, AUO has self-learning channels such as AUO BookCity and reading groups.
AUO Learning College

According to the AUO competencies, AUO has formed the in-house professional learning associate, ALC (AUO Learning College), to plan and provide high quality training programs. According to each competency, ALC has organized 5 colleges. They are College of Science, College of Engineering, College of Management, College of Quality and College of Liberal Arts.

ALC periodically offers trainings in 5 professional fields to train and cultivate colleagues’ professionalism through competency-based education system, in cooperation with numerous methods such as practical training and e-training. In addition, AUO even integrates ALC with personal development plan and training, as well as external training channels, to encourage and stimulate colleagues’ potentials for creating excellent talents and allowing them to receive advanced education and development.

AUO Culture

AUO culture establishment and formation is a progress of a deep, gradual deduction. People at AUO not only embrace and practice the dream of a ten-year vision and mission, but also possess core values and core DNA. These values should be included into the working attitudes, personal values, methods, and principles of people at AUO.

Vision and Mission:

"Bright Innovation  Amazing Life" is the common vision of AUO people, and the "green leaf" in between represents AUO’s mission-“Be a Global Leader in Green Solutions". This vision and mission will lead, encourage, and inspire everyone at AUO to have bright innovations all the time and create amazing lifestyles for individual, community, and humanity.

Core Values:

Core DNA:


  • Definition: Comply with the law and the company’s regulations with the principle of ethics and integrity, and take responsibility for the promises and take action.


  • Definition: Focus on the overall interest of the Company, fulfill one’s responsibility, promise to do more for the team, and never give up on one’s goals to collectively take the team’s ultimate results.


  • Definition: Continue to improve on the existing principles, create new values and positively innovate new practices and things.