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Vision:Bright Innovation  Amazing Life

Mission:Be A Global Leader in Green Solutions

AUO Values:Forming and building our AUO culture is a gradually developing process. People at AUO must meet our uncompromising core values – “Passion & Professionalism”, “Execution & Excellence”, “Caring for Society”, and AUOer’s core DNA- “Integrity”, “Accountability” and “Innovation”.

Integrity:All employees of AUO should perform their duties based on the principle of integrity.  The 8 rules of AUO Enterprise Integrity are:

  1. Win client deals by providing superior products, services, and value.
  2. Do not commit fraud, make false statements, embezzle, or engage in anticompetitive agreements with competitors, id est, legal compliance.
  3. Insist on integrity and fairness toward suppliers by refusing to accept personal gifts or any opportunity to gain a personal benefit.
  4. Do not disclose AUO trade secrets or intellectual property to third parties except for legitimate AUO business purposes.
  5. Do not waste — complete your duties efficiently.
  6. Do not criticize competitors but instead demonstrate our competitiveness with a neutral and honest attitude.
  7. Always approach your work from the perspective of the overall interests of AUO.
  8. Honestly communicate operational management and product service information to clients, suppliers, employees, shareholders, and the public.

Download: AUO Enterprise Integrity Handbook
AUO Antitrust Compliance Policy

AUO DNA:Integrity, Accountability, Innovation.

AUO Quality Policy:Deliver on time high-quality green products and services that establish the mutual benefit with customers.

AUO insists on providing high quality green products to customers globally as well as establishing long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with clients. AUO constantly strives to enhance and advance existing technologies to maintain global leadership, develop cost-effective products, seek constant improvements, and create mutually beneficial win-wins with customers.

Commitment to quality
Providing customers with high quality products is of paramount importance. To enhance customer satisfaction, AUO practices "Ensure Customer Satisfaction" and "Sustained Improvement" principles when executing each task and believes in "Total Quality Management" to fulfill our high quality commitment to customers through comprehensive quality control.

To learn more about AUO's practices on quality management, please refer to AUO Quality Management System & Process .

Competitive Advantage

AUO is world's leading supplier of thin film transistor liquid crystal display panels (TFT-LCD).
We have the widest product range size.
We are continually evolving and adapting to both market changes and client support needs.