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Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) is a next generation display. Phosphorescence OLED technology plays an important role in meeting the demand for power saving applications. AUO is dedicated to the integration of display technologies such as LCD, AMOLED, touch, and Oxide TFT.


  1. Super wide color gamut > 100%; high color saturation independent of gray scale change
  2. Super wide viewing angle and high contrast
  3. Dynamic power consumption
  4. Fast response time to reduce motion blur phenomena
  5. Thin and light module
  6. Suitable for transparent and flexible displays
  7. Large-sized AMOLED TV adopts Oxide TFT
  8. Small-sized mobile displays feature ultra high resolution (5” FHD mobile device display with 443 PPI available)



Advantages of AUO AMOLED