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AUO Publishes 65-inch Full HD OLED Panel Technology Paper at SID Display Week (2013.05.20)
AUO Devotes Itself to Technological Developments and Strengthens Quantity and Quality of Technical Papers

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) is participating in Display Week 2013, held by SID (Society for Information Display) in Vancouver Convention Centre, Canada from May 19th to 24th. AUO's R&D team announces 13 submitted papers at SID's Technical Symposium, including the paper debut of the world's largest 65-inch Full HD OLED TV panel. Dr. Michael Sun, AUO's V.P. of Mobile Solutions Business Unit, also speaks in SID Business Conference to elaborate “Opportunities for Next Generation Mobile Technology & Applications” on the morning of May 20th.

“The Company is devoted to developing high value-added products with differentiation. With the endeavor of 3,200 RD engineers and the Company's patents resources accumulated over the years, AUO has been included in Ocean Tomo 300® Index for three times, confirming AUO's leading position in technology innovation, “ said Mr. Paul Peng, President of AU Optronics. “There is no limit to technology innovation. Making technology transition to meet customer needs is the right thing to do. AUO will proactively invest in RD resources and hopefully serve a critical role in the display technologies development through SID's Display Week events.”

AUO has been dedicated to display technology research and development for a long time. As of April 2013, AUO has obtained over 10,800 patents. Its RD team publishes papers each year at SID Display Week and also strengthens the quantity and quality of these technical papers.  This year, 13 technical papers will be published with special areas covered, such as OLED, 3D, Flexible, and Transparent LCD.  Hopefully, it will facilitate exchange of ideas and advancements of technologies to inspire more innovation, and further panel technology development. 

Among the papers, one of the most eye-catching topics is the world's largest 65-inch Full HD OLED panel technology by AUO, which is announced in SID technology symposium. The 65" FHD AMOLED TV panel is adopted advanced metal oxide TFT backplane and the worldwide largest Generation 6 full-size Fine Metal Mask (FMM) OLED evaporation technology.  The Company achieves an excellent uniformity of metal oxide TFT and panel without the color mixing by FMM technology. The panel is also embedded the self-invention pixel compensation driving technology which further improves the TFT and OLED performances. The OLED panel not only features low power consumption, and high picture quality, but is also equipped with high contrast, high brightness, fast response time, and free viewing angle, providing the best visual experiences to viewers.

In addition to technical papers, Dr. Michael Sun, AUO's V.P. of Mobile Solutions Business Unit, will give a speech in SID Business Conference to expound the trend of new technologies and applications of mobile display with the topic of “Opportunities for Next Generation Mobile Technology & Applications” on the morning of May 20th.


* Based on the available market research information as of May 20, 2013.