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AUO Reveals 65-inch 4K by 2K TV Panel Technology (2012.10.26)
Ultra high resolution, narrow bezel technologies and full lineup of value-added display solutions

The world's leading provider of display total solutions, AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO), announced its 65-inch 4K by 2K Ultra HD TV panel technology today. Oxide thin-film transistor (TFT) was used to achieve an ultra high definition of 3840x2160, which is four times the resolution of Full HD.  Meanwhile, continuous technological advancements have brought panel sizes, image resolution and colors to new levels. AUO also endeavors to develop integrated display technologies with multiple functions and high added values to usher in a new era of ultra high resolution, narrow bezel, and diverse displays applications.

AUO's 50-inch FHD Super Narrow Bezel FIM employs proprietary gate driver on array (GOA) technology to reduce bezel width to mere 3.5mm.
AUO's 50-inch FHD Super Narrow Bezel FIM employs proprietary gate driver on array (GOA) technology to reduce bezel width to mere 3.5mm.

“Displays have become an indispensable part of our lives,” said Mr. Michael Tsai, AUO's VP & GM of Video Solutions Business Group. “AUO continues to develop all kinds of future display applications with its world's leading high resolution and super narrow bezel technologies. With our market insights, total solutions combining hardware and software are offered to achieve the maximum value for our clients.”

A Vivid, Wide New World to Experience through Ultra High Resolution

AUO has made numerous accomplishments in the development of 4K by 2K Ultra HD TV panels. The 65-inch 4K by 2K Ultra HD TV panel technology announced today is made with oxide TFT, which could increase electron mobility to realize an ultra fine 4K by 2K resolution, creating excellent image depth for more stereoscopic pictures. Also, with higher light transmittance comes lower power consumption, making the panel even lighter and slimmer.

In addition, AUO presents the 50-inch FHD Super Narrow Bezel FIM (Fully Integrated Module), which employs the Company's proprietary gate driver on array (GOA) technology to design the panel bezel to its narrowest. The FIM's bezel width is reduced to mere 3.5mm, more than 1mm narrower than current models in the market, making its compact and stylish design all the more fascinating to the eye.

AUO's 55-inch 4K by 2K Ultra HD TV panel is equipped with Wide Color Gamut (WCG) technology for color saturation as high as NTSC 96%.  The panel features a quad-HD resolution of 3840x2160, capable of presenting the most vivid and lifelike images, recovering their true colors.

High Value-Added Innovations for Ubiquitous Display Applications

As displays become more indispensable to everyday living, AUO has developed various innovative integrated solutions for display applications, among which is the Switchable Mirror Display, presented for the first time. In addition to its stylish 55-inch full-length mirror function, the display could demonstrate 4K by 2K content. Touch function is bundled for users to freely select the content of their choice. In the foreseeable future, the Switchable Mirror Display will be a critical component of clothing stores and boutiques for customers to browse the latest merchandize information. Shopping centers will be spiced up with these displays, which will also make the best use of space.

AUO is also presenting its new-generation 65-inch Hybrid Transparent Display for smart vending machines, whose panel transparency and color saturation could be adjusted based on store owners' demands to highlight product features and multimedia contents for optimal showcasing effect. The built-in face-tracking and touch functions allow for all kinds of interactive games to be designed to add fun to the shopping experience and provide consumers with customized product information. In the future self-serve stores, the smart vending machines will serve as both salesperson and attendant to effectively entice customers.

AUO will strive to meet the diverse demands of customers worldwide by providing the most suitable products. Meanwhile the Company will continue with the development of innovative, high value-added display technologies and solutions and stay ahead in the market with its exceptional array of display products.