AMR & Fleet Management System

The advent of the AI manufacturing era has brought a new set of challenges for manufacturers. Businesses must now introduce new technology, flexible production lines and new mindsets into their operations. They must also optimize resource management systems to solve problems such as improving the efficiency of small-scaled but diverse and customized production as well as labor shortages. Moreover, manufacturers nowadays need to collect data and information in a systematic manner for resource allocation and strategy adjustments in the future.


By leveraging the company's professional manufacturing and technical capacities and experiences accumulated over the years, AUO has integrated technologies such as AIoT, big data and cloud platforms and has launched smart manufacturing solutions that involve flexible strategies as well as smart allocation capabilities. AUO also assists businesses in improving their capacity utilization, elevating their production reliability, boosting their manufacturing efficiency, and enhancing their driving safety. In addition to catering to the trend of small-scaled but diverse production, AUO’s smart manufacturing solutions can also accelerate businesses towards achieving Industry 4.0 while ensuring the stability of production lines.


AUO’s smart manufacturing solutions also include Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). From production line manufacturing to the delivery of materials and goods, AMRs integrate AI optical detection and AUO’s Fleet Management System to systematically improve manufacturing and management efficiency, thereby strengthening the core operational capabilities of manufacturers.

Key Offerings
  • Autonomous Mobile Robot

  • AMR Fleet Management System

Key Offerings