In the post pandemic era, hybrid teaching, which is the integration of online remote learning with offline in-person classes, has become the new normal in education. In order to combine smart digital technology to enhance the quality of interactive teaching and personal learning outcomes and provide even better flipped classroom educational systems, AUO’s solutions for Smart Classroom integrates hardware equipment and software in conventional classrooms to build a comprehensive hybrid classroom. This solution simultaneously accelerates both online and offline education and learning.


The Interactive Classroom Solution combines classroom electronic systems such as interactive electronic whiteboards, cameras, multi-functional podiums, document cameras, and multiple screen management systems. The Interactive Display Solution utilizes large-size electronic whiteboards, and allows users to conveniently demonstrate audiovisual content as well as facilitates two-way interactions between teachers and students via the touchscreen functions. The multiple screen management system can be designed to provide various collaboration modes according to course requirements, such as showing students’ status during remote learning, or any other function required during group discussions and assignment presentations in class.


Furthermore, the Remote Teaching Solution features fully automated processes for recording, replaying, and live streaming of the course content from the start until the end. Teaching and reviews are no longer limited to a specific time and location, which greatly improves students’ learning efficiency.


To further assist in building a smart campus, the Digital Bulletin Board Solution offers a full range of high-definition displays including high-brightness digital signage, interactive electronic whiteboards, and video walls that are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, and also integrates with audiovisual broadcasting systems and remote control and management platforms. This comprehensive solution that integrates both hardware and software enables the construction of smart campuses with more effective and convenient information communication platforms. The Lecture Hall Solution integrates various software and hardware including audio, video, and lighting, to provide an immersive visual experience via LCD/LED video walls. Through the central environmental control system, professional AV equipment and content source switching can be controlled via a single click.

Key Offerings
  • Interactive Classroom Solution

  • Remote Teaching Solution

  • Digital Bulletin Board Solution

  • Lecture Hall Solution

Key Offerings