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AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes) display is one of the trends in display technology. It plays an important role in mobile devices that require low power consumption, lightweight, thinness and high color performance.


AMOLED display is self emissive and does not require backlight module or color filter. Its advantages include lightness, slimness, low power consumption, high contrast, high color saturation, wide viewing angle and fast response time. Its self emission, ultra thin and light features make AMOLED suitable for flexible applications.


AUO continues developing AMOLED technology and innovative applications. Apart from smartphone applications, AUO is also taking full advantage of AMOLED’s thinness and low power consumption to offer a series of ultra-high-definition smart watches, headsets and other products. Furthermore, AUO’s latest ink jet printing OLED technology means that OLED products are no longer constrained by materials or equipment; AMOLED’s outstanding image quality and other features can now be applied to more products, while also enjoying better cost effectiveness.



AMOLED Structure


AMOLED structure




AMOLED Features


AMOLED features



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