Shareholder Information

Commitment and Implementation of Shareholder Return 


AUO has devoted itself to a value transformation strategy these past few years and as a result has achieved market-leading positions by developing advanced display technology and launching high-end products. Various applications in smart fields have been developed as well. The strategy of "Biaxial Transformation" has been gradual but effective. As a result, AUO has confidence that it can reduce the influence of industry cyclicality and generate more stable operating cash flow. Thus, AUO commits to delivering stable and clear 3-year shareholder return to enhance long-term shareholder equity and corporate values.


Shareholder Return Policy
To distribute not less than NT$55.77 billion as shareholder return from 2022 to 2024.。
1. Shareholder return includes dividends, capital reductions and returns of capital reserve and may be executed separately or collaboratively via cash distribution.
2. The total amount distributed in 2022 will be NT$28.82 billion via cash dividends and capital reductions. Capital reductions will occur after the dividend distribution.
3. The rest of the shareholder return NT$26.95 billion will be allocated in 2023 and 2024.
4. The actual allocation and amount of shareholder return in each year will be subject to approval from the Board of Directors or Shareholders’ Meeting in accordance with the applicable laws and company bylaw.




Cash Dividends

NT$9.58 billion

Capital Reductions

NT$19.25 billion

Total Shareholder ReturnNT$28.82 billion


Note: Capital reductions will be subject to approval from the Shareholders’ Meeting.