AU Optronics
Your Sustainable Solar Partner

An innovative total solutions provider with a commitment to creating sustainable value for its worldwide customers, AU Optronics (AUO) outstands and differentiates itself by corporate sustainability, strategic capability, and environmental commitment. Besides being named to Dow Jones Sustainability World Index since 2010, AUO is the world’s first TFT-LCD manufacturer to have received a LEED Platinum Certification.



High Efficiency and Highly Integrated Solutions

AUO is aspired to offer its worldwide customers sustainable solar solutions with technological advantages, all-round service, and an integrated service platform. It has forged a business portfolio comprised of high efficiency and highly integrated solutions from module supply to solar power plant development, operation and maintenance, as well as energy management.


To better assist customers with power plant operation and maintenance, AUO has established an integrated service platform to provide multiple functions including real-time monitoring of power output, and instant problem detection. Customers can track the performance of the system over the Internet to ensure all arrays are performing optimally.





A Comprehensive Module Portfolio

AUO is rated by Bloomberg New Energy Finance as a tier-one PV module maker* and by the market research firm EuPD Research as Top Brand PV in the module category. Its comprehensive module portfolio includes mono-crystalline, poly-crystalline, and back-contact cell technologies with conversion efficiency rates ranging from 16% to 20%. All modules feature PID-resistance, flame retardant and other strengthened characteristics certified by reliable third parties, allowing them to be safely implemented under diversified circumstances.


* Source: Tier 1 Module Maker List in Q1 2017 PV Outlook, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

EUPD Research Siegel Modules



All-Round Solar Power Plant Solutions

AUO has superior capabilities and broad field experience in providing all-round solar power plant services. The company is an expert at facilitating all stages of project development with its lineup of high performance solar modules, extensive expertise in power plant engineering and construction, and an integrated platform of long-term operation and maintenance service. An innovative model is also available for those who are interested in solar power plant investment.


AUO owns the largest number of utility-scale solar power plants in Taiwan, with solar power plants and systems of various scales, ranging from government-owned buildings, communities to factories. The company has rich pragmatic experience in MW-grade project installations, system and O&M planning, as well as high-tech fab rooftops and high altitude operations. Solar power plants have now been installed on the rooftops of all AUO fabs throughout Taiwan. We are now actively promoting solar power plant installation services that help customers make use of commercial offices, factories, public buildings, and livestock facilities to create new sources of green energy and reduce carbon emissions.


* According to available market information.


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